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  1. Missymeesh


    Hi Geeks Just a quick question! Today ive ordered the CND lamp and the shellac products to get started and im super excited!!! :) Ive found a thread on here which is step by step on what to do which was fab! ive also watched a video clip on utube which was a big help too but i cant seem to...
  2. Missymeesh

    Gel nails

    Hi Geeks Can anyone please let me know which site to buy Gelish from? ive not long done my training so still not wanting to spend alot while im still practising! ive read a few threads and gelish appears to be quite popular? Can anyone else reccommend what Gel to go for once im a bit more...
  3. Missymeesh

    Ouch!!! :-(

    Hi Geeks Can someone please advise me! Ive been at college doing the gel & nail tips my course finishes last week but after having several sets of gel nails on my nails are a mess!! This morning my little finger nail was so worn down from all the filing its split through the middle of my nail...
  4. Missymeesh

    Lash Problem :-(

    Hi I have been doing lashes for about 3 months now i have been using Lash bond as my glue, ive had this glue for the 3 months too. I have had no problems so far but my last 2 clients have said alot of lashes have fallen out this time they have had them in just over a week so this really...
  5. Missymeesh

    Missing nail

    Hi Geeks My mum & one of my clients have both got a missing nail one was removed and the other damaged :cry: They are both wanting to put a false one on there for nights out etc. Can anyone please recommend a glue that can be put on the skin please? Many thanks Michelle x
  6. Missymeesh

    Semi permanent eyelash brands

    Hi Geeks Ive recently been buying some different brands of lashes. I trained using Hollywood which i have been using, but ive since bought some AH Francis and some Secrect lashes to compare but if im honest i cant tell any difference? I know there must be because of the price difference! Can...
  7. Missymeesh

    Short toenails and MINX

    Hi Geeks Ive just had my first client after my training and it was a nightmare :-( i got the first one on the clients big toe but she had cut her nails so short there was no free edge at all to file and was actually cut so short they looked painful! The Minx just looked like it was going to...
  8. Missymeesh

    Semi Permanent Eyelash help please :-)

    Hi Im just after a bit of advice please :) I have a client in this wk thats asked for a natural look. Most of the lasehs i have done have been on younger girls that have asked for the glam look so ive been using J 12mm and covering every lash. Can anyone recommend what they would use for a...
  9. Missymeesh

    Secret Lashes

    Hi :) I was just wanting to know if anyones using Secret Lashes? i was trained with Hollywood but ive been trying a few different brands to compare. Are they any good they seem a bit cheaper then the ones ive been buying? Thanks xx
  10. Missymeesh

    Semi Permanent Eyelashes

    Hi Im new to the site so hope this works! :) Ive recently done my eyelash training ive done roughly 10-12 clients i thought i was getting the hang of it but recently ive had a couple of clients with crazy lashes and its really put me off!!:cry: i trained on a girl with perfect long lashes but...