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  1. Lou slatts

    Client who’s a cleaner wants acrylic, which shape would be best as need to be short

    My best mate wants a set of Acrylics and she need Them short she is thinking coffin but they look wrong short any ideas ladies help needed thanks in advance.
  2. Lou slatts

    Sore, blistered fingers from NSI

    Cjp hema free i have the same and since i have found this i can use acrylics again made me very happy.
  3. Lou slatts

    Anyone done a course with The Nail Team?

    Hi i have just brought a 3d acrylic course from the nail team its online has anyone here done one as i am unsure of how it all works thanks in advance
  4. Lou slatts

    Ink London or Magpie gel polish

    I would say ink London I love it [emoji7]
  5. Lou slatts

    LED lamp help needed!

    Much difference in them the shellac sorry bloody iPad putting in what it wants again. Lol
  6. Lou slatts

    LED lamp help needed!

    It all look ok and what makes me think it’s real is the cnd shellac as there is not much of them. I would try one or two gel polishes first wear them yourself and see how they last. If they last you know it’s real if not then you have wasted a ton of money of it. I would highly recommend light...
  7. Lou slatts

    LED lamp help needed!

    I have never heard of them but I will take a look thanks for the heads up [emoji1303][emoji1303]
  8. Lou slatts

    What nails are you sporting today?

    new nails well about 4 days old now. Used light elegance and clearjellystamper Plate and big bling stamper [emoji1330][emoji1330]
  9. Lou slatts

    What are your home set ups?

    I have a the fold away mobile table and I work out my kitchen too as I don’t have a spare room atm to do a nail room. I also looked into getting a summer house but no funds for one so I make do with what I have got. In my bedroom I do have a nail corner where I know all my stuff Is. But I am out...
  10. Lou slatts

    E file

    Stay away from this one as it’s a waste of money I had one and it broke after two uses. I would buy this one works like a dream and I love my one. Electric Nail Drill - MelodySusie Shine Professional Nail File Drill Machine - Perfect Manicure Pedicure Kit...
  11. Lou slatts

    Nail lamp

    Hi hun. Medley suzie I think that’s how you spell it. How very good lamps for around 20 pounds. Hope this helps. I think amazon sell them [emoji1330]
  12. Lou slatts

    Who is your current favorite nail art You Tuber and why?

    Celina Ryden from light elegance her work is amazing and I love her sandwich technique. Also talia’snailtales she is best at the stamping and I love how she has her salon. I also have a YouTube channel it’s very new but feel free to check it out. Glitzynailsuk [emoji1330]‍♀️
  13. Lou slatts

    The Gel Bottle not curing properly

    I am a nail technician not a scientist. Company’s need to change less then so that small home business can afford to buy the lamp. I myself have never had any trouble with any products with my lamps.
  14. Lou slatts

    Removal of Light Elegance Butter Gel?

    You have to file it if it files very easy to. Hope this helps.
  15. Lou slatts

    Having trouble getting clients for a home based salon

    Any ideas will help. X
  16. Lou slatts

    What nails are you sporting today?

    New set of nude pixie bling nails.
  17. Lou slatts

    Having trouble getting clients for a home based salon

    Hi geeks. Problem I have is I am having trouble getting clients in the door. I am a home based salon I do go on instagram and use tags etc but I am only offering gel nails overlays etc I also do paraffin wax’s. I have tried the half price bit. I know my nails stay on I wear my own and last me 3...
  18. Lou slatts

    Help getting clients in

    Finding it hard too and I don’t use Facebook so I only use Instagram twitter and google+ think it’s just how many nss there is now us professional nail technician are finding it hard to get clients. Let’s hope we all get more soon x
  19. Lou slatts

    Having trouble building clientele

    I do the same and I do some offers that last a week only. I am finding it hard too. I live across the road from a chop shop salon so it’s hard to beat there prices as we buy gels and acrylic from places like light elegance and we can not charge cheap for a set of nails like they do. I do try and...