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    Help! Purple hair extensions

    Hey geeks A lady has messaged me and wants hair extensions she has bright purple hair ( i haven't colour matched her yet) with bright colours is it better to got a 60 then get client to dye them? She has asked if she could do that xxx
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    Makeup hygiene

    Hey geeks Do you spray all of your bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadow pallettes with anti-bac spray? I do this and I'm wondering if I really need to as it is bound to wreck them soon, is it best just to scrape off product with a wooden spatuala? Please let me know what you do! Many thanks Tina
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    Makeup kit

    Hey MUA's What is in your makeup kit? What would you start with as a basic? Do you offer a number of different foundations or stick to one brand? Many thanks Tina
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    Becoming a makeup artist?

    Hello! Do you need a qualification as such? I have an NVQ Level 2 in beauty which covers makeup application is this enough?!
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    Your thoughts on nanos?

    Im really not keen on them! I find it hard pulling enough hair through the tiny loop and find that if the hair sheds there isnt as much support as a nano! Would be interested to grt your thoughts?
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    Copper tubes & pliers

    Good morning! Please could you share where you buy your copper Tubes from and hair pliers? Xxx
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    Hair extensions - red heads?

    Hey geeks! What colour micro ringd would you use for red heads?! Euphoria One do burgendy not sure if this would work? Im re-launching my hair extension business and so excited! I do a few people all ready who re my regulars but going to change my name, branding get a proper logo made etc! Xxx
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    The "invisi weave"

    Have any of you geeks trained in the yet?! What is the method? Many thanks xx
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    Extensions, how long do you take?

    For the following servives: New fitting - Micro rings (full head 150/200) Maintanence --removal then re-fir (150/200) La Weave - new fitting (full head) La Weave - maintanence ( full head) Many thanks all!
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    Weave confusion

    Hey geeks Please help! Im looking to train in weaves ( currently trained in micro rings, nano rings and fusion) I like the look of the micro weave abd have deeb two variations - 1 where there is no sewing and one where a stitch is swen through, is there a name difference? I want to offer the...
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    4 hours to fit micros-thinking of offering a quicker service

    Hey geeks I started dping hair extensions nearly two years ago but it is going slow as i work full time and a mum (fine with me) i have some regulars and do it for friends and it takes me the following times for micro rings * 4-5 hours to fit 200 i tips from fresh *4 hours to remove i tips...
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    Mini locks/copper tubes

    Hey geeks Im looking to use copper tubes instead of micro rings, what do you think? Have you made tje change and never looked back? Are the copper tubes essentially what easilocks are?! Arw they safe without the sillicone lining? Many thanks Tina
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    Help with hair extension colours

    Hey Geeks My friends natural hair colour is number 3 (light oak brown on my euphoria hair colour wheel) Currently she has bleached ends so has number 60 (bleach blonde full head) but now she wants to diye her ends the same colour as her roots and wants some hair extensions this colour. I was...
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    Do I have to have a toner

    Hey geeks I’m having my hair done soon in the salon (half head highlights) currently my hair is a medium ash blonde and I want it to be lighter but I worry that when I go they will put a toner on and wondered if this is standard practice? The reason I ask is that when I last had highlights...
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    Which name?

    Hey geeks! I am getting back into beauty and going to be working from home hopefully in sept/October! I’m just doing friends and family the moment to build confidence again! What do you think of these names (my name is Tina and my daughter is Matilda rose) Beautinas Hair & Beauty Tilly Rose...
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    Help please-gel polish on skin!

    Hey geeks So I’m starting up beauty again and at the moment just doing family and friends, when I cap the free edge I get polish on the skin so just wipe it away, however when I put them in the uv lamp and then take them out I can see that it’s on the skin?! Is this because there was to much...
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    How much for eyelash application?

    Hey geeks! I hope you don’t mind me asking but I did and eyelash extension course years ago and I’m starting up beauty again so practicing on friends etc... how much does it cost you to do a full application? Many thanks Tina
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    Cap the free edge first or after?

    Hey Geeks! Please let me know what you do? Do you apply the gel polish to the nail plate then cap the free edge after (between each coat) or do you start by capping the free edge first then the nail plate? I got taught to cap after but have been watching videos online that say you should cap...
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    Out of the game for too long?

    Hey Geeks! So I qualified in beauty level 2 when I was 18, I’m now 29! After I did my qualification I did mobile beauty for a bit then found it was just not profitable enough. I am now in a better position and my partner has said for now I can do beauty in our living room whilst he builds our...
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    When the tips go bad!

    Hey geeks So if I cirnt buys Brazilian hair and it states it lasts 12-18 months what do you do about the tips? Surely they won’t last that long?! Already on some of my tips I can see that they are wearing down! It would take to long on an maintenance appointment to remove and re-tip and re-tip...