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    Toenail - anyone know what this is?!

    Looks like a looks like a fungal infection to me
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    Should polish be included?

    Included :).x Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Male waxing client - nervous or another agenda?

    I dont really know I think it just depends on how you felt .. his body language.. the way he said things etc .. I think if your gut instinct said he was acting qbit dodgy then dont book him in again but in my opinion mabey it was just nerves as you said he sort of made a point that he was a man...
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    A levels/home/online courses anyone done this?

    His was done in school 6 form but Im pretty sure its the same whichever eay you do it xx Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Help needed - bikini and full leg

    I do front of legs sides of legs up to the very top of thw leg by the bikini and then do bikini wax.. get client to turn over and then do backs of legs xx Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Stretch marks?

    I used bio oil religiously through my pregnancy with my little boy and was stretch mark free untill 30 weeks and all of a sudden BAM my belly turned into a road map lol.. My mom never got stretch marks through both of her pregnancies with me and my brother and my nan never got any either with...
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    A levels/home/online courses anyone done this?

    From what I know from my brother finishing his a levels this year.. 'AS' is your first year of a levels and 'A2' is your second year of a levels to get a full a Level you have to do both the as and a2 xx Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Individual eyelash extensions on yourself?

    I don't think it's possible to do them on yourself.. I would say it's a bit dangerous to try because tweezers are sharp and you wouldn't have the same controll as you do on a client.. I personally wouldn't even attempt it xx Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Semi permanent eyelash extension course

    I've herd that marvel lash isn't the best.. I trained with lash perfect and was really happy with my training.. I think you should deffinatley shop around xx Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Why is Calgel so expensive?

    I think you might have to train with calgel to buy it ..I was trained with calgel products on my beauty course (calgel had some kind of arrangement with my college) but even though my college tutor was certified to train people in calgel and had calgel premier status ..if I wanted to use calgel...
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    I would much prefer a chair lol but unfortunatley where I work only provides stools for therapists and chairs for clients and im used to it now so i dont mind :-) and glad I was of some help to you, good luck! xx
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    Gel polish, opinions wanted please

    ive used orly gel fx and find it goes on okay and lasts but as others have said it takes abit longer to come off and has to be filed.. with opi gel color its just a case of rapping it up and then when its time to remove the removal wraps it just comes straight off the nail plate :-) xx
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    Extra courses before starting NVQ 3

    I was trained by Ellisons through my college but as far as I'm aware Ellisons don't actually advertise training for swarovski crystals so think that was a special deal set up between my college and Ellisons.. But don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure sweet squared do swarovski crystal nail...
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    Please help in gel nail madness!

    I use opi gel polish and that comes off really easily.. Not the cheapest of gel polishes but you get a lot in one bottle.. I've also herd cnd shellac is good but ive never tried it (yet!) but I'm not sure shellac is classed as gel polish.. I think it's one of its kind if that makes sense but...
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    If client is having a manicure aswell as a pedicure I set up for both but do pedicure first and place a chair for client and a stool for me at the side of the manicure table facing eachother.. I put a towel in the middle n foot spa.. Get them to soak there feet and then put a towel on lap and...
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    Extra courses before starting NVQ 3

    I did my Level 2 in beauty and these were the extra courses I did.. I did semi perm individual eyelash extentions.. Threading services.. Indian Head massage.. OPI gel color and I also did a training day in swarovski crystal nail art.. I'd of loved to do a course in spray Tanning as I imagine...
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    Facials course

    If your set on doing a course for facials I've seen some in capital and Ellisons I think.. I think you can train with skin care companies aswell buy correct me if I'm wrong but I think to train with skin care companies you have to have a minimum of a level 2 beauty related qualification xx Sent...
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    Facials course

    I could not recommend doing beauty therapy level 2 enough.. At my college we trained with a well known skin brand (dermalogica) and we even had dermalogica come in to do a training day with us.. I have learned so much about skin care from this course and having the opportunity to perform facial...
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    Gel nail extensions

    Thanks for all your replies guys you've given me some food for thought now! :-).. I have found calgel to be pretty rubbish in terms of lasting which is my main concern because I'm worried about it not lasting if I was to do it on a client and I sort of feel I'm not able to trust in the product...
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    1x day Marvelash training or 1x day college course?

    I've herd mixed revews about marvel lash but must say they've been mostly bad and I don't think you get the same quality training with them being so cheap compared to other brands.. Saying that tho I've not tried them and I went to a posh spa for a spa day a few months back and flicked through...