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    Pink/purple shampoo for natural grey hair?

    Hi all , I’m over from beauty. I’ve been googling but can’t find the answer really, my mum is brunette and desperately wants to go grey. She’s got quite a bit through her hair and her hairdresser said to use pink shampoo to enhance it although that seems to be for green tones? Can anyone...
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    Mannequin head best colour for pics?

    Hi all, I'm buying a training head for practising hair ups and curls blows etc most likely a pivot point. What colour am I best getting for photos blonde, brunette? I was looking at the Ingrid as she has shoulders. Does anyone have a pivot point that they recommend the name of please? I did look...
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    Makeup/mani/hair chair recommendations

    Hi all. I'm needing decent chairs! I have my gorge REM electric beast but I also need a: -Manicure chair -Makeup chair (I was looking at a padded seat/back/curved arms bar stool type round the corner from me only £20- would that do for now or are there issues?) -Blow dry/hair ups chair...
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    Gel manicure description?

    Hi guys, I’m working on my pricing and I’m comparing lots of other peoples price structures and have been ploughing through the forum for tips, thanks so much for the wealth of info on here you are all stars. I’m getting confused on mani pricing trying to structure so I don’t structure it...
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    Gel polish, buffers/grits query please

    Hi all, I'm just ordering my bits as I have done my gel polish course. I was told to take off the natural shine of the nail using a buffing block (I assume a sanding block on ellisons), and to use 180grit foam file to take off the top coat when it comes to removing the gel. Now I have just...
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    Disposable paper towel, do I need it?

    Hi all. I am setting up my beauty room at home and can’t find an answer by searching online or in my college stuff. Do I need to have a disposable paper towel/ paper towels for drying hands instead of normal towels? I know I’ve seen it somewhere but that may have been for microblading/tattooing...
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    Mrs Lash Lift?

    Hi is anyone using Mrs lash lift. I am looking at possibly training with LVL but I found someone that uses this, its newish to market so can anyone provide any feedback as my google and search was a bit blank? Thanks, Lou
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    Generic training

    Hi Can I please check, I have booked on a "spray tan" course at college, it's just a generic thing no name given yet. Will that be okay for me if I start tanning both for insurance and if I was to use Suntana for instance (I don't need suntan training do I?). If anyone could help I just get...
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    Your favourite classic lash training brand?

    Hello, Me again. I am booking myself some college courses as i'm there anyway but I would rather do better quality ones where I can. The college offers a fabulash course but I couldn't see anything when I searched the threads so I was thinking of maybe flirties, lash perfect, nouveau or...
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    Teal unit/portable sink or plumb in?

    Hi all. I have just spoken to the council regarding me working from our converted garage, i'll be doing the basics to start waxing, etc no spmu etc and was advised that I need a sink in the room, she suggested a teal unit (portable sink ) or plumb one in. I have no issue if I need it I need it...
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    Level 3 or units & courses

    Hello, Looking for insight please. I’m doing my level 2 and can’t decide my next route. I can stay in at college and do a full year of level 3 or do A&P plus unit b14 facial electrotherapy. I intend on doing microblading, Spmu, and I’m keen on the non surgical facelift side although the woman...