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  1. Urban Geek

    Post microdermabrasion - good hydrating cream?

    Can anyone recommend a good hyrating cream to use with Ultrasound after a Microdermabrasion treatment? Thanks! :Love:
  2. Urban Geek

    What is the best anti-aging treatment?

    I have looked at micro-dermabrasion (Skinbase) and found it a bit harsh (perhaps it was the therapist, although my skin is very sensitive). What would you say was your best anti-ageing treatment? Recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!:hug:
  3. Urban Geek

    Seche Ultra-V Top Coat

    Has anyone tried this UV top coat (3 min) which can be used over polish? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  4. Urban Geek

    Ardelle Knot/Bulb Free Cluster Lashes

    Where is the best place to buy Ardelle Knot Free Cluster Lashes? Thanks!
  5. Urban Geek

    FIBREGLASS / SILK - Worcestershire

    I am looking for someone in the Worcester or surrounding area who does fibreglass nails. I have a lady contact me who is adamant she wants fibreglass nails. Please mail me if you can help. Thanks!
  6. Urban Geek

    Facial Product Range - Small Salon

    I currently use Eve Taylor facial range but find that the products are very perfumed. I thought the same about Dermalogica. I have enquired about Clarins but you have to have 2 or more therapists and treatment rooms to qualify plus it would be an initial investment of £8,500 which would be...
  7. Urban Geek

    CLUSTER LASHES - the best long lasting glue

    Can anyone recommend a good long lasting glue for Cluster Lshes? Thanks!:hug:
  8. Urban Geek

    Eyebrow tint for red heads

    Can anyone recommend a good brow tint for red heads? I have been using brown but it is a bit too dark. Thanks! xx
  9. Urban Geek

    TRANSAX - Card Machine Operators

    Has anyone used Transax? I am thinking of using them for my card transactions. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! x
  10. Urban Geek

    Increase in Level of Small Business Rate Relief

    Has anyone else received a letter stating that properties with rateable values up to £6,000 will not pay rates an dthere will be tapered relief for properties with rateable values between £6,001 and £12,000? Aparently the new levels of relief will come into effect for 12 months from 1 October...
  11. Urban Geek

    Is there a Shellac Group?

    I have been looking but can't find it. If there isn't one already, can we have one please?
  12. Urban Geek

    WHOLE BALL OF WAX - Which strip wax?

    Which strip wax does Lauri use in the video? Thanks!:Love:
  13. Urban Geek

    BeBeau Creme Wax

    Can anyone give me their feedback on this wax. I am going to give it a try. Also what is the best temperature for the wax with a 1000CC wax pot? Thanks!:)
  14. Urban Geek

    Magis foil remover wraps

    Has anyone tried these magis foil remover wraps? What are your thoughts? Are the ones for the fingers different sizes from the ones for the toes? Also, is there a cotton pad incorporated already in the foil wrap? Magis, Foil Nail Wraps, Foil Nail Toes Sweet Squared are also...
  15. Urban Geek

    Eyelash resin - latex free

    One of my clients would like eyelash extensions or even strip lashes. She has a latex allergy. Is there any strip lash resins or eyelash extension brands which are latex free?
  16. Urban Geek

    SIENNA-X: Salon Locator

    Is anyone on the Sienna-X Salon Locator on their website? If so, do you find it worthwhile. I tried to register myself on their salon locator and was really miffed to find out that you have to pay £75+VAT for the privilege. Yes, the £75+VAT includes some perks, ie 5% off all orders and some...
  17. Urban Geek

    Sienna x solutions

    I have 8%, 10% and 12%. I am curious as to how the other solutions compare, in particular the 16%. Should I go for other Sienna solutions or add another brand to my servicer? Advice welcome. Thanks!:hug:
  18. Urban Geek

    CLIPPING CUTICLES - Client requests

    I have had about half a dozen enquiries, mostly from German, Russian and Polish ladies, asking specifically if I trim the cuticles. They don't want a manicure if the cuticiles are not trimmed. I have tried to explain why I don't do so but they aren't interested.:rolleyes: What would you do...
  19. Urban Geek

    HIVE 1000cc & Berins Blue Wax

    I have my heater at the lowest it will go with the lid covering (not tight) as I am not waxing constantly. Even with the wax heater at its lowest, Berins Blue still melts completely and I understand that it should be kept solid in the centre and just melted on the outside for best workability...
  20. Urban Geek

    Spatulas - wooden / plastic / metal

    What are your thoughts on the different spatulas available? Also I would be interested to know your methods of cleaning them. Thanks! xxx:hug: