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  1. linzi

    Would you mind to share your Christmas manicure?

    I didn't get round to doing my own nails, but these were the two most popular designs in my salon this year.
  2. linzi

    Christmas mayhem!

    I've absolutely loved it all (other than the migraine on Wednesday night!). Had an absolute blast with my clients, and it didn't seem like work at all. Though it does help that my OH has been off to look after the kids and bring me tea on demand, Haha! Three more clients tomorrow and then I'm...
  3. linzi

    Shellac Field Fox alternative

    I'd reckon you're looking at unearthed. It's a bit darker and less pinky than field fox, but it's the closest we've got.
  4. linzi

    Mobile newbie

    You don't need 450 polishes to get started. I would say as long as you have the absolute basics: Red Light pink Hot pink Purple White Nude Black (can be used as a base for lots of art, such as foils and, when used with a pink iridescent glitter will look navy) Glitters can be added to change...
  5. linzi

    Client with breast cancer and severe onycholysis

    To be honest I wouldn't be working on nails where there is severe onycholysis, even without adding breast cancer to the equation. I would advise plenty of cuticle oil and perhaps a regular polish. But no gels/acrylics at all. Nails are a window to our health and many health conditions can...
  6. linzi

    Non self leveling hard gel

    I haven't tested many as I prefer acrylic, but the LE hard gels are also a good choice.
  7. linzi

    What nails are you sporting today?

  8. linzi

    What nails are you sporting today?

    I've not done any airbrushing; my art tends to be with acrylic, hand painting or stamping.
  9. linzi

    How do you get a polished look with gel polish?

    I use the edge of my (18 year old) cuticle pusher
  10. linzi

    Hand cream for retail

    I had some mini scentsations (black cherry and nutmeg) from sweet squared last year and they sold very well.
  11. linzi

    New CND LED lamp, any good?

    It's worth mentioning that the newest lamp that was released this year has the removable base and the lead has been moved to the side. I can't personally comment on it though as my current original lamps are still in working order.
  12. linzi

    Best book for NVQ level 2 nail technician

    I would suggest that the complete nail tech is a nail bible and essential for all nail techs. I would also recommend Doug Schoons books and nail class by Gigi Rouse as extra reading.
  13. linzi

    Home salon/nail art prices

    It's not the most fun thing about being self employed, but it's very eye-opening :)
  14. linzi

    Home salon/nail art prices

    Exactly the same as Trinity. The only way to be in business and stay in business is to know exactly what it costs you to perform that service. That includes all products (down to the cotton pads) and refreshments, insurance, your wage and profits to reinvest, for example in training/pay...
  15. linzi

    Gelish Black Cherry Berry vs CND?

    I'm not familiar with the colour, but you may want to look at Fedora.
  16. linzi

    Finish filing?

    Depends what mood I'm in, I think. Sometimes I'll give a quick sweep over the the efile first, but I always do my last bits with a handfile.
  17. linzi

    Silicone hand

    Ah, in that case I'll be rethinking my full set with the clamps... Lol! Or are there any good UK-based suppliers? @Dolly_Day_Dreamer. My file was around £65, including shipping. @ciderella71 Nice profile pic :)
  18. linzi

    Silicone hand

    Does anyone know how much the import and taxes for these is, please? I bought an angelfeet foot file and it cost £20 in customs!
  19. linzi

    Price increase?

    Here's my 2 cents on pricing: The NMW is currently £8.21 for an employed person with paid holiday. Therefore, as self employed, I believe that you could be charging at least £8.89 per hour of your time to allow yourself to still be paid for 4 weeks holiday, based on a 40 hour work week. You...
  20. linzi

    My head is being turned

    Here's another way to look at it. As we know, the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into lots of different sections, including ultraviolet and visible light. It is important to know that the ultraviolet section is much larger than the visible light portion. UV products cure when the...