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    Swarovski crystals with gel polish?

    When I do crystals mine last the full length of the nails. I finish with top coat and cure, remove the sticky layer and then apply a small amount of glue and attach the crystals with the glue. I DON'T apply anything on top of the crystals as this takes the shine off them. They don't come off...
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    Did I do the right thing?

    You need to read The Secret!! Keep your thoughts positive. X
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    Matte black Shellac?

    Crystal Nails sell a matte black & matte Red gel polish! They look great. They also do a top coat for gel polish that matte effect so you can make any colour matte or make effects with it! X
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    NSI or crystal nails? Help please

    Crystal Nails are fab and their artistic courses are second to non. You wouldn't go wrong with CN x
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    Best spray tan machine?

    Hey guys which is the best spray taming machine around at the mo? Are the little pig machines like "Fake Bake" ones any good? Cheers x
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    Best place to lease a sunbed?

    Hey girls & guys Which companies are the best place to rent a sunbed from for my nail salon? I think I want to rent one instead of buying because I think Sunbeds will eventually die off and become illegal in the UK like OZ soi don't want to end up buying a machine and then not being able to...
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    Reporting tanning salon

    Hey Geeks! I know a sunbed shop in my local area is using 250w bulbs and this is against the law as new legislation states that tubes can only be 200w, who do I repeat this to? Cheers
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    Air filter for nail desk

    Thanks Geeg,anyone else?
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    Air filter for nail desk

    Hey Guys I'm working in a hair salon and need some sort of filter for the smell and dust as some hair clients have been complaining, I've seen the sunflower lamp but heard bad reviews on that one, also seen the Valentino one and that looks good but noisey! Anyone else use any and can recommend...
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    Konad stamp not big enough!

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    Konad stamp not big enough!

    Hey girls & guys Just wondering how you get Konad stamps to work on wider nail beds and longer nails like extensions if its a full cover print? I'm finding that they aren't wide enough and I have been trying to then stamp another bit to the area that's not been covered but it doesn't look...
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    Nail Harmony acrylic lifting!

    Hey Wonda I'll give that a try and see how it goes xx
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    Nail Harmony acrylic lifting!

    Hey Guys I'm having problems with my Harmony Acrylic lifting and was just wondering if anyone else had a problem with this? ive only recently noticed it oin the passed 4 month and have had no problems before and im preping properly etc. Spoke to an educator and she was having the same problems...
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    Hairdressers rent

    Hey guys I'm a nail tech and I'm opening my own salon and I have 4 styling stations and 2 back wash units for hairdressers to rent but I'm unsure how much to charge???? They would have to supply their own colours and shampoos etc I would just supply chairs, mirrors and all bills included. I'm...
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    Has anybody converted from Harmony hard gel to Brisa?

    I use all harmony products and love them all!!! The best products on the market in my opinion x Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Gothic nails... any ideas?

    You can make gelish matte by using a buffer GENTLY removing the shine off the top coat x Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Salon management books

    Bump Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Salon management books

    Anyone? Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Salon management books

    Hey guys I want to get a good book on salon management and how to run a salon to give me tips and ideas and for a good read! Can any of you recommend any good books to get? Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Salon management books