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  1. Fabby

    Salon start up costs

    That doesn't sound too bad actually :) thank you x
  2. Fabby

    Salon start up costs

    Ive had a look at many however its just not the same as having your own. Basins for example are something I have decided on design and couldn't settle for as I spend 20-40 mins at the basin per client so I need something super comfortable. Do you have a rough ballpark figure of what it could...
  3. Fabby

    Best shears?

    Hikari is the best brand hand down, I would never buy another brand ever. they are so razor sharp, even a year on, they are sharper than a brand new pair of scissors I was trying, hikari was sharper even though I use them 6-10 times a day only on dry hair
  4. Fabby

    Colour toner help!

    thats not what my well rep told me, we where told that although as a company they don't generally recommend mixing the two, that you can, it will be find, you just wont get the benefit of the new line. Every colour line at some point has to reformulate, it took wella something like 20 years to...
  5. Fabby

    Colour toner help!

    Wella Koleston perfect is not being discontinued, who told you that?
  6. Fabby

    Salon start up costs

    Hi guys, im putting out a feeler on how much it could cost to open up a small salon studio or a 2-6 chair small salon. Its not something I am doing in the immediate future but sometime within the next few years. I have a solid clientele that will travel, I have all tools I need to work-inc...
  7. Fabby

    Clay lightener -Oligo

  8. Fabby

    Revlon Blonderful Plex Force same as Olaplex?

    Olaplex doesn’t contain any protein, the patented ingredient Olaplex is patented all over the world, Olaplex also doesn’t require you increase the development time, your deep conditioners are not the same as Olaplex. You seem to be extremely misinformed, make sure you do your research before...
  9. Fabby

    Which brand? I need new, good quality scissors

    Hikari scissors
  10. Fabby

    Which brand? I need new, good quality scissors

    Hikari scissors
  11. Fabby

    Would you expect your employer to purchase your scissors?

    No, you are wrong. It is up to the employer to provide all equipment neccecery for the job. No it’s not up for debate, that is the law and that is fact. Again, this is it, it’s the employers responsibility. On top of that the employee has no say in what they get. Hairdressing does have an...
  12. Fabby

    Retouching roots after highlights

    i think a 9/1 could be too light on its own, this colour to me looks to be a 10 on the ends and a 8-9 on the mids, i would use 88/0+9/1 with 30 volume
  13. Fabby

    Help with hair!

    Is the pink direct or indirect
  14. Fabby

    How much does everybody pay for rent of chair or percentage and what does it include?

    I supply everything of my own, insurance is covered by the salon but everything else I do including phone. I pay 50% of the profits I make
  15. Fabby

    Gappy fingers, help!

    You s it depends where you’re cutting, either way should be fine, ultimately, if your angles and tention are correct and the end result is what you aimed from then there is no problem
  16. Fabby

    Gappy fingers, help!

    Finger tip to your second knuckle or second finger joint, I can take time to develop your feel for the hair, don’t worry too much, it comes with time xx
  17. Fabby

    Gappy fingers, help!

    You shouldn’t be cutting past your second knuckle from your fingertips :)
  18. Fabby

    Info on having a trainee

    You would need to have all the same things set in place as you would an employee, if you talk to a local college who would provide the qualification, they can advise you all the intricacies
  19. Fabby

    Client details

    I think it would be best to! If you have a problem client come in, they will refuse to give it to you. If they refuse, no service. Having an address means if they don’t pay, you can send them an invoice and it makes it easier to chase payment, maybe I’m just paranoid?
  20. Fabby

    Frizzy thick hair help

    your hair isnt frizzy, its dehydrated. I highly doubt your hair is just wavy, waves do not have a high frizz factor. Frizz is not a hair type, frizz is a curl begging for moisture/ a curl waiting to happen, order curly girl the handbook off amazon, you will not look back, a brazillian blowdry...