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  1. Fabby

    Salon start up costs

    Hi guys, im putting out a feeler on how much it could cost to open up a small salon studio or a 2-6 chair small salon. Its not something I am doing in the immediate future but sometime within the next few years. I have a solid clientele that will travel, I have all tools I need to work-inc...
  2. Fabby

    Client details

    when booking in new clients, for your records, what do you need to have I take a contact number, email, address, year of birth and have an optional section for known allergies, am I missing something or am i asking too much? Only because I’ve noticed some clients creating a salon account and...
  3. Fabby

    Online booking/deposits

    Hi guys! As of February, I will be the first and only devachan/devacurl qualified stylist in Hants, I’m renting a chair and everything is moving as it should, but one thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around is online booking and a deposit system, the salon i currently work at is paper based...
  4. Fabby

    YS park blowdry brushes

    Hi guys, so I've been experimenting with different brushes for blowdries and I wanted to hear what you guys thought of he YS park ones, at the moment I can only get a hold of the daruma, G series and black carbon. I've heard the g series is best for curling and the black carbon is best for...
  5. Fabby

    Pre-softening with peroxide health and safety hazard?

    at college I was taught to use developer to presoften very resistant hair by applying 20 volume and then blow drying it into the hair , at wella and previously goldwell, we are taught that you should only use neat colour with distilled water as hydrogen peroxide is a health and safety hazard...
  6. Fabby

    Platinum help with Olaplex!

    so we've recently gotten Olaplex at our salon and in just under two weeks, I've decided to take the plunge and go platinum! In our salon, we've never attempted something this drastic... I'm currently a natural level 2-3. We use goldwell, I was thinking a triple process,Malibu c crystal gel...