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    Trainee advice please

    Definitely look elsewhere. It's not up to your college to find somewhere for you.
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    Hair colour advice please

    I'd class a block colour as just one colour all over, so I think it's weird that they wanted you to use a minimum of two different colouring products..?
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    Clients using social media for appointments?

    I book 95% of my clients through Facebook messenger. I think it's great for business. I run a home salon, so I take what I can get. If you're not the salon owner, then simply message them back saying to ring the salon or message the salon Facebook page.
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    What are the most challenging things salon owners face?

    I've been hairdressing for 6 year and recently opened my own home salon. I love hairdressing, I can't imagine doing anything else. I got a hairdressing apprenticeship after doing work experience in a salon. Took me 2 years to finish my apprenticeship (Normally 3-4 years depending on your...
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    Unicorn hair colors?

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    Balayage help

    I would lighten the whole lot. Then go in with the level 6/7 tint and the toner for the ends. Makes it so much quicker
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    Very dark grey help

    Pravana Smokey silver and Black Additive. No matter what you put in there, it's gonna fade.
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    Are tattoos acceptable in the beauty industry?

    It can depend on your location and where you apply. More modern salons can be open to tattoos. The first salon I worked at (Hairdresser) were okay with my smaller tattoos, but I had to cover my large thigh pieces. I had to wear tights and leggings all year around. This was more of an 'Old lady'...
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    Why does my colour fade so quickly?

    Good video to show clients, thanks :)