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  1. McBeth

    No reply to appointment confirmation text, what now?

    I am fully booked for the month of October, I have no available appointments and a waiting list. All my clients are aware of this and it is pinned to the top of my Facebook page. I send a confirmation text to all my clients the day before all booked appointments, and on Fridays for Monday...
  2. McBeth

    One of 'those' clients!

    Sorry this is going to be a bit of a long story! I have had a young mum coming to get her nails done for around 6/7 months. She is a nice lady, but has always been a little unreliable. Every single appointment she has made has been cancelled at the very last minute, sometimes within minutes of...
  3. McBeth

    Help with writing a cancellation policy

    Hi fellow Geeks, I run a home Nail Salon, working Tuesdays, Thursdays Fridays & Saturday mornings. I have approx 40 regular clients and several semi regular, and a few one off for occasions etc. I work at another Job on Mondays and Wednesdays. I am quite busy usually, and most clients book in...
  4. McBeth

    Late client (friend) could I have handled this better?

    I have a home salon, and a client, (also a friend) had an appointment booked for 10:00 am this morning, she is usually fairly on time, give or take 10 minutes. I also had a recently new client booked in following my friend at 11:30am. At 10:10 I sent my friend a text saying, "hi, just wondering...
  5. McBeth

    Menopause and Bio Sculpture

    I currently have a client who has begun going though menopause in the last few months. I have been doing her nails for almost a year now, with no issues, and she comes every 3 weeks like clockwork. But over the last 2 appointments she has returned with 3 or 4 gels missing (both hands are...