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  1. MissLB

    Expired voucher

    So I gave out some vouchers to a client of mine back in February for a mothers day raffle she was doing I organised a special prize of a mothers day package which included a luxury gelish mani or pedi or a standard polish luxury mani and pedi. I did put an expiry date of the end of April on it...
  2. MissLB

    Spray tanning natural tan lines

    Now I have done a search and common sense is telling me there will still be a slight colour difference if a give a spray tan to some one with natural tan lines now im sure it depends on how dark the tan is next to the tan lines? Could someone give me some advice as its for a potential client...
  3. MissLB

    Acrylic lifting after a week, new client

    Hi just after some advice from some Experienced l&p geeks. I had a new client a week ago today just MSG me saying her nails started to lift today is it normal this early on. I've not had any clients have issues with lifting apart from myself duno whether it's due to angles on myself or my...
  4. MissLB

    Stall too cluttered?

    hi guys as some of you may know i secured a deal with a telemarketing company to be part of their loyalty scheme for their staff members with discounted treatments im going to their office building tomoro very excited and nervous never done a stall of my own before always been with my friends...
  5. MissLB

    Trained but questions

    I trained yesterday with nouvatan. We were discussing clients with boobs she said not to ask them to lift there boobs up and leave them to do it on their own accord and if they don't they don't. Anyway i have big boobs so thought id see what happened with out lifting them obviously I have...
  6. MissLB

    Opaque powder acrylics

    so ive gone to infill a client who is a friend ive had for years she models and wanted natural nom french enhancements ive used my opague powder that is normally used for extending nail beds. first application lovely we did a pink shimmger glitter fade on the tips and it looked lovely gone to...
  7. MissLB


    after speaking with the fabulous and lovely dawn at nouvatan i booked to do my training im qualified in natural and artificial acrylics and due to do my course on saturday. any advise on what i should do prior and what to expect during do i get tanned or will it just be my model? could do with a...
  8. MissLB

    Going into business with a friend

    i have a good gut feeling that it would work with this particular friend. we have been discussing opening a salon together she does lashes make up but is a qualified beauty therapist. i am trained and qualified in nails and soon to b tanning, im having so much demand at the minute (im part time...
  9. MissLB

    Company wanting loyalty scheme

    ive had an email from a hr dept for a company local to me asking if i would b interested in offering a discount on my treatments for their staff as part of their loyalty scheme (60 staff) the women r wantin a nail technician/salon to be on board. obviously i am interested but what sort of...
  10. MissLB

    Giving clients info about acrylic removal

    do u give info out on removal i have a few clients who have asked about removing not doing it myself as im assuming they want to save money ive told them but that they risk damage as telling them u can only grasp so much u cant fully undersand, i have stressed it has to be done very carefully as...
  11. MissLB

    Nails and MS

    does anyone know if im ok to do a set of gelish on a client who suffers with MS? do i need to get any consent etc? thanks
  12. MissLB

    Trade tests

    just out of interest are you expected to use your own products on these or is it dependant on if the contract terms are for use for your own products if you get the job?
  13. MissLB

    Wahooo! Certificates

    just recieved my acrylics, gelish, natural nail certificates, tonite was the last nite on my acrylics course im gutted i loved every minute of my 20 week training with nail harmony! highly recommend them!! i kno im kind of on my own now but i know the salon i learnt with red10 in doncaster owned...
  14. MissLB

    Advice needed desperate!!

    i need help and advice, some of u may b aware of my situation i work full time office based mon-fri 9-5, i work mobile tuesday-fri and work in a salon thursday evening and saturdays i do mobile after the salon on thursday evening and saturdays as im soooo busy mobile, ive not been v busy at all...
  15. MissLB

    Sorry to sound thick, but what is resin activator spray??

    as the post suggests im sorry to be a bit dim i do acrylic nails and just been to pick some tips up from a new supplier and hes given me a resin activator spray sample, i thought this was for silk or fibreglass nails? he knows i only do acrylic but hes given me some anyway could someone just...
  16. MissLB

    Looking for tech who does Gelish in the Bexley Heath, Kent area

    As title suggest my best mate lives in Kent and I've got her addicted to gelish so after either a salon locally she can go to or even a mobile tech if ur in or around that area please let me know. Thanks x
  17. MissLB

    I passed my acrylics course!!

    as title suggests i passed my course last nite had to do 5 nails. pink and white on natural tip, natural tip with pink, white tip, pink and white sculpt and clear sculpt. here they are still plenty of room for improvement, sooooo happy to have passed as i was so nervous yesterday.
  18. MissLB

    I passed my acrylics course!!

  19. MissLB

    ABT insurance

    hi ive just gone with this company and realised i get a yrs subscription to scratch! bonus!! anyone who has insurance with them and got the mag subscription aswell tell me how long it was til there subscription started the woman on the phone was pretty vague. x
  20. MissLB

    Help need info from Biosculpture geek

    Hi Was wondering if someone who uses biosculpt could msg me regarding cost per application with the varying sizes of the biosculpture pots. I start a salon job tomorrow as the acrylic tech and the gel tech there uses biosculpture and obviously i want to arrange a price that compliments hers so...