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    Nail tech needed in kent

    hi i would lkie my nails done for my hoilday next week but cant find anyone to do me a set of glitter tip acrylic is there anyone who can help me please im nr canterbury and can either go to them or they can come here many thanks me xxx
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    Moor Facial Range

    Hi Im new to facials and wondered if anyone using the Moor range? i recieved my samples today :) and cant wait to try them out if anyone can help me with any more info that would be great also anyone local to me who i can go and have facial with before i decide on buying the products thanks...
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    Think I've lost my way :(

    Hi i have been doing gel nails for a couple of years which i happy to do :). i did a days trainng in acyrlic in sept but since then have nt got it quite right:( i first starting using creavtive then to nsi just not sire where and want to do from here as i really need lots of help to get me into...
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    Kent area

    HI im looking for a nail tech in kent area who would do my nails acrylic ( would pay) that is happy for me to watch and ask lots of questions as im having few problem and though tit might be some help to me thank u for reading this xx
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    PLEASE help..newly trained and having problems

    HI everyone I have only just trained in acylic and having a few problems:cry: does anyone know anyone local to me (KENT ) who could help me please many thanks emma
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    Newly trained

    Hi all:hug: i have recently done my acrylic course and would love to sit and watch a pro do a few sets . What do u think will it help ? Has anyone else done this ? Or do u think its a cheaky thing to ask .thansk for taking the time to read my message xx
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    Matching Fingers And Toes !!!

    My first attempt to do a set of co-ordinating fingers and toes !!! http://www.salongeek.com/members/amymay-albums-january+2009-picture10167-dsc01062.html
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    Le chat

    Use wanted to tell you all about Tracey at le chat She is such a lovely lady could talk to her for hours Her customer service is the best i have had she is so nice Just wanted to praise her up and tell you all We always tell people when been treated bad but not when treated goodt So anyone...
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    Gel nails on hairdresser

    i wonder if i could ask your advice please im fairly new to nails so hope this nt silly q is it ok to do gel nails on a hair dresser who said she has her hands in water alot i use akzentz and le chat soak off systems thanks for yr help in advance xx
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    Top gloss

    im using akzentz options and was wondering wont everyone uses for the top coat or to seal nail art. im using just the clear is this enough ? im a newbie who needs help :irked: would love a nice shiney coat was wondering if its ok to ust top gloss but as its a buff off is that ok thanks in...
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    My 1st pictures

    hi this is my 1st pictures i have ever been brave enough to put on so PLEASE be gently lol .this is nno using akzentz options .lik only been doing nails for the last 18 months thank you for looking xxx love this site...
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    Complete Newbie

    HI ALL This is my first thread as complete newdie to nails im doing a salon systems uv gel course only been doing it about month as like i say complete newbie to nails so having MANY problem lol ive done few nails but having problems with the tips cracking im using MERCIA FRENCH WHITE TIPS is...