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  1. Christine Mary

    Nails to match prom dress

    I went to a ball a couple of weeks ago, and my dress was the same colour as the underneath part of this dress. I wore purple purple with zillionairre on top and it looked lovely. It was a toss up between the purple and the silver chrome, and I think both would be lovely with this colour.
  2. Christine Mary

    Clean 9 detox

    I used to retail this product. Like everything else, maybe OK for a quick fix, but, lets be honest, nothing beats sensible eating and a little more exercise for the weight to stay off and do it healthily. The aloe drinking gel has been known to cause rather rapid bowel movements. This could...
  3. Christine Mary

    Spam warning

    Thank you. It does look very real! I have also had some scammers on facebook, I have had friend acceptance notifications from people I have never sent a friendship request to! Nothing is safe these days.
  4. Christine Mary


    Have you ever thought he may have a crush on you too and may also be wondering how to approach the subject? If it's meant to be it will happen, if not, it won't.
  5. Christine Mary

    CND lamp problem

    Anyone near me who is having problems can gladly borrow my CND Brisa lamp while awaiting new stock. It's old, but works perfectly well.
  6. Christine Mary

    Nail tech is just not going to happen

    Thinking slightly outside the box.......have you thought of any complimentary therapies apart from massage? I have just done a wonderful course this weekend, if you would like more info, by all means send me message. XX Chin up love, you'll get there.
  7. Christine Mary

    CND UV lamps - solution may not agree with everyone

    Thought you had gone to bed!!!!!!! XX Good night XX
  8. Christine Mary

    CND UV lamps - solution may not agree with everyone

    What makes you think I meant you? I'm not going to become embroiled in this, I have politely expressed my views. I wish you every success with your decisions.
  9. Christine Mary

    CND UV lamps - solution may not agree with everyone

    I'm really quite astonished at the way this thread has developed. It amazes me how there a few out there who clearly love to get the wooden spoon out and stir things, and, what is even more amazing, is the fact they are not even offering nail services! Come on girls, how about putting all...
  10. Christine Mary

    Insurance for home salon

    I know many, many therapists who have used Balens for donkeys years. I really wouldn't worry, they are exceptional.
  11. Christine Mary

    Double yellow parking

    From what I remember about the rules from my driving instructor days, you should not stop or park opposite, or within 10 metres of a road junction.
  12. Christine Mary

    Is this guy playing me?

    Maybe you're not both on the same page! Could be he was fascinated by the thrill of the chase, now he's caught you, his mission has been accomplished. Don't waste time dwelling on it, move onwards and upwards.
  13. Christine Mary

    Oh God, look what I've done!

    Nikki, it really does suit you. Not many people can get away with a head shave, but yours is gorgeous. Well done. (Think of all the money you'll be saving on hair products for the next few months!).
  14. Christine Mary

    I passed my dental nursing exams!

    Well done to you. xxx you have every right to be chuffed, go and celebrate.
  15. Christine Mary

    Sweet Squared and CND out of stock?

    So true. After all the tension that has been rife just lately, lets just take a few minutes to appreciate just what we have here with salon geek........think about it, help, advice, opinions, and guidance, readily available, given by true professionals, passionate about what they do, and...
  16. Christine Mary

    Sweet Squared and CND out of stock?

    Absolutely! Time to leave the playground and stop mindless tittle tattle.
  17. Christine Mary

    CND UV lamps - solution may not agree with everyone

    Another way to look at this......................................... You have a Mercedes, it needs a new oil/air filter, you can buy one made by Mercedes, especially for the car, or you can pop down to the local Walmart, local autoshop, or discount store and buy one from there, which, may...
  18. Christine Mary

    Anyone live in Somerset?

    Of course! Stuffed myself silly there on several occasions! (Then gone to the fish and chip shop later)
  19. Christine Mary

    Acrylic nails on a boy?

    Sorry, but if I dated a "man" with acrylic enhancements on I'm afraid I would run for the hills! If you were leaning towards transexual/crossdressing tendencies then I could see a reason for your questioning, but on a totally "straight" guy............... NO!. If you have problems with...
  20. Christine Mary

    I'm so annoyed with myself!

    Oh don't worry about it, it's only metal, as long as you're OK. My sister did better than that, she came down the drive, missed the garage completely and accelerated into the house!