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  1. claireamy

    Tool Roll

    I'm looking for a tool roll (a bit like a hairdressers belt but not with a belt bit!?!). Can anyone recommend where to get one? I don't want one which just has elastic to hold the tools in, ich I want one whis enclosed at the bottom (if that makes sense?) Thanks geeks!
  2. claireamy

    Self Employed Beauty Therapist wanted to rent room within thriving nail salon

    Pm me if you need further info about the room or what is involved or location etc.
  3. claireamy

    Poorly friend

    I've just been told that a friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and liver. Its not operable and no treatment can be given. This has come as a huge shock to me. She's in hospital at the min and I'd like to go and visit her but I don't know what to expect and how to...
  4. claireamy

    renting a room out to a bt.

    Calling all beauty therapists! I'm looking into opening a salon (I'm currently a mobile nail tech) and the place I have in mind has a room I co9uld rent out to a beauty therapist but I'm not sure about how much to charge for rent? How much do any of you pay for renting a room at a...
  5. claireamy

    Nail comp - anyone going??!!

  6. claireamy

    Nail comp - anyone going??!!

    Just wondered if anyone was thinking of going to the Ezflow roadshow in Nov and competing? It's a great comp to enter if you're a newcomer to competitions. Its not brand led so anyone can enter no matter what product they use. I think I will probably enter the pink and white but I do know...
  7. claireamy

    Beauty uk comp

    Hi all, Don't think anyone else has posted any news on the results, I did a search but didn't find anything! Looby Lou and Scratchers both did really well. Looby Lou came 4th in Top Tech T&O, 2nd in salon nails and 6th in salon nail art. Scratchers came 2nd in Top tech T&O, 4th in salon...
  8. claireamy

    Under 16's disclaimer.

    Have read a lot of lod posts about people's stance on doing under 16s. I personally don't have a problem with this, esp in school hols but was just wondering if any of you have a special disclaimer form that you get a parent/guardian to sign before treatments. I have an under 16 booked for...
  9. claireamy

    IVF 15 yrs on?

    Have done a search but could only come up with replies regarding people going through IVF now. My question is, does IVF have LASTING effects on your nails? I had a new client yesterday who said IVF ruined her nails. OK I've heard this before but then she went on to say she was on IVF when she...
  10. claireamy

    Congratulations Looby Lou!!!

    Big congrats to Looby Lou who came 3rd in the Salon Nail Challenge and 1st place in Salon Nail Art Challenge at the Scottish Beauty show today!!! Well done Louise and congratulations to all others who entered and those who placed. xx
  11. claireamy

    Disappointed at mag.

    I knew it was coming (NOT however before I ordered my subscription - ONLY 2 months ago) about the coming together of prof beauty/spa/nails. I am really disappointed I didn't know before my subscription. Although there are some nail articles it is generally a beauty mag (obviously, being prof...
  12. claireamy

    Nec Comp..

    Hi all fellow comp entries...(eek! getting nervous now!) I'm entering top tech l&p (all sorted with that one, no q's) and the salon nails comp. My question is re salon nails comp. For anyone else who's entering, are you doing pink and white? or Natural? or what? It doesn't say you have to do...
  13. claireamy

    Who's exhibiting at Beauty uk?

    I'm going to the show at the NEC at the end of April and was wondering if anyone knew for definite who was exhibiting? The reason I'm asking is that I'm almost out of a few ezflow products and was wondering if I can stretch them out till then or if I need to order?! (I'm such a cheap-skate...
  14. claireamy

    One finger lift.

    Whenever I do enhancements on myself my index finger on my right hand ALWAYS lifts within 24 hours. This is now driving me nuts because I make sure the prep is faultless. It doesn't happen on any of my other nails. I do sometimes get some lifting on my right hand (its my opposite hand) and I put...
  15. claireamy

    Pics of my winning nails!

    Hopefully I'll have attatched the pics. I won Level 2 L&P Tip & Overlay. Thanks to all the geeks that have congratulated me. Well done to everyone who entered and congrats to all who placed. Looking forward to hearing results for today too!
  16. claireamy

    I won!!!!!

    I won Level 2 L&P at excel!!! AM so chuffed, still on a high! I had an excellent day. Its was good to see geeks there too, Chris, Lousie, Jac. Good Luck to everyone competing today too, thinking about you all! Yey!!:eek:
  17. claireamy

    Do we take quality for granted?

    It was really brought home to me yesterday how good a lot of our products are! I went to a regular manicure client. She is an older lady and often has a nail strengthener applied after the mani and very occassionally a pearly polish ( I use OPI polishes). Anyway, she decided she liked the...
  18. claireamy

    Competition practice

    I entered Gmex in October for my first competition. I'm now going to Excell to stress myself out a bit more. Hadn't done any comp practice until this week when I thought it was high time to start preparing myself! So... this is my first practice set. I've tried to attatch other angles too...
  19. claireamy

    Do you do stuff you don't really want to?

    I have a client who I went to for the first time a couple of weeks before xmas for a gel rebalance (she'd got a bit fed up with her old tech letting her down all the time). I did them, they looked good and I was pleased with the end product. She went off to Spain for xmas and new year (lucky...
  20. claireamy

    Fed up with low standards!

    Just a vent here, excuse me! I have had quite a few new clients recently coming to me as they have given up on their 'normal' tech. Some of the nails I've seen are awful! Some people have just recieved rubbish service and some both! So many rebalances I've done recently have been on plain...