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  1. Ms. Nailz

    volcano smoke

    For all the countries that the volcano is involving, I hope your'e not bothered by the smoke to much and that it disapates quickly. Your'e in my prayers. Tara. :D
  2. Ms. Nailz

    Questions about a bookkeeper for those that have 'em

    Do you have to pay them and how do you know they are reputable? Thanks. :cool:
  3. Ms. Nailz

    Eye shadow nail polish

    I haven't tried this, but I dont think it would work. I read about this on google, eye shadow nail polish. I think it would clump up. What do you think would happen? I like to try new and creative ideas. Thanks.
  4. Ms. Nailz

    help for half moisturized, half dry hair..thx

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!the hair close to my scalp is moisturized and closer to the ends it gradually get dryer. :evil: Any suggestions??? :biggrin: Thanks.
  5. Ms. Nailz

    Manicure protection

    How do you protect your nail color against the remover when starting manicures? Thanks.
  6. Ms. Nailz

    A couple of questions

    Do any of you have a recipe for a scrub or soak with kelp powder in it? And the other is do any of you know what fat cream is? I was copying homemade recipes and this was one of the ingredients. Thank you, Ms. Nailz