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  1. aangel

    omg im in 365 days of nail art!!!

    omg, i submitted a pic to the 365 days of nail art blog and im in it!!!! i never thought id get in! Day 58: Hand-painted Lotus Blossom Nails
  2. aangel

    My website, please rate

    hi. i have made a free website, its not brilliant, but its a basic foundation for what i am aiming for in the future. please will you look and tell me what you think. thanks xxx all opinions appreciated xx
  3. aangel

    "Holes" appeared in whites

    hi, i did a set of nails on a client a week ago and she called me to cancel her maintenace app becuase she has taken them all off. she explained to me that "holes" appeared in the whites of the nails (i did french L+P) and she couldnt stand to look at them. i have no idea why 1) she didnt call...
  4. aangel

    Help with price list (not prices)

    hi, i am looking for advice on price lists, not the usual "how much do you charge" but more about what i should be putting on it. I will have finished my training in jan but with xmas and things, i want to be able to start getting organised. i am curently only doing friends and family, but i...
  5. aangel

    2 sleeps!!!!!!

    Thats just it really! 2 MORE SLEEPS TILL I START MY COURSE!!!!!!!!!!:green::green::green: Im sooooooo excited i just had to shout it!!!!!!
  6. aangel

    Going self employed - nails

    HELP!!!!! argh. i am new to the biz, new to being self employed. once i have finished my training i want to either go mobile or self employed in a salon. my question is... where do i start? a step by step checklist would be great, but any hints/tips would be good too. thanks in advance xx
  7. aangel

    Training help

    i have thought about learning acrylic/gel nails for years, but now im looking into it properly and im sooooo confused. home learning, local college courses, "nail acadamy's" oh heck, prices ranging from £200 to £900. help. im based in bolton and dont mind traveling too far, but also does...