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  1. blossom

    Nailtiques - where to buy?

    A lady has asked me if I offer Nailtiques as a service for natural nails, as she has found it really good but has now moved area and looking for a new tech. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this so I’m thinking of adding it in but I can’t seem to find where to buy it from professionally apart...
  2. blossom

    How to safely dispose of glue

    Silly question but given that a small spillage of nail glue can result in it heating up and even smoking, how do I dispose of a bottle of glue that has so much stuck round the top that the lid won’t do up? I can’t just tip it into the bin or onto paper. Unsure how to dispose, can anyone help? Thanks
  3. blossom

    Which lash services should I research?

    So I’m booked onto “instant Lashes and Brows” with Capital next month and would like to do some research on pricing so I can be telling clients about it (I have one booking already! [emoji16]) I’m a tad confused with what services I should be looking up and I get the feeling that some are the...
  4. blossom

    Lash tint on strawberry blonde lashes not lasting, quick help please

    I had a client the other day with light strawberry blonde colouring. We did a lash lift and tint and brow wax and tint and the effect afterwards was real wow factor. Two days later the tint has almost faded to nothing. I remember having problems ages ago with a couple of ladies with similar...
  5. blossom

    Home based/mobile - which payment methods do you accept?

    Wondered what you all take. I used to take just cash or cheque but as a lot of people would arrive late due to using the cash point machine beforehand, I decided about six months ago to start using BACS (bank transfer) and PayPal. This proved very popular. Most of the people who use it have been...
  6. blossom

    CND LED lamp won’t work, new lamp or new wire?

    My CND led lap which I bought about 18 months ago has stopped working, the wire which fits underneath has needed jiggling pretty much from the word go, and I can always adjust it so it makes contact and works. However yesterday I could not. My question is, has anyone else had this and did you...
  7. blossom

    How long does an LED lamp work for?

    I bought my CND shellac lamp from S2 a couple of years or so ago, and was told no more buying bulbs, it would just keep working & curing till it died basically. But lately I’ve had a few lifting problems from people who don’t normally have problems. Nails sliding off within a few days. Not on...
  8. blossom

    Needle-less fillers

    Hi everyone [emoji5] long time no see, I used to be on here all the time but months go past now and I only read and don’t post [emoji85] So ... a salon near me is advertising a needleless filler and the video on their website makes it appear a bit like maybe a vacuum treatment? Anybody do this...
  9. blossom


    Following my facials course, I’m about to launch both an express facial and a luxury facial.... interested to learn what others charge for both, how long they take, and what they include. I was thinking: express: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise - 30 min £19 Luxury: cleanse, exfoliate, mask...
  10. blossom

    Which Shellac colour would be suitable?

    Looking for a Shellac colour darker than blush teddy and lighter than rosebud. Any ideas please? Also a soft navy colour ...
  11. blossom

    Lashbase discount code

    I had an email from Lashbase a few days ago with a discount code and stupidly it got deleted [emoji85] does anyone have it please? Not sure how long it was valid for Thank you
  12. blossom


    I’ve seen a course for a face lifting facial which appeals greatly since I think a lot of my clients would be interested. I don’t do any other type of facial so my question is, is there a range of skincare I could use which would be suitable for ALL skin types to keep the actual facial basic and...
  13. blossom

    How to do these?

    Anyone got any ideas? I can’t find any decals which look like this and I don’t think they’re freehand. Thank you
  14. blossom

    Paraffin wax heater

    I don’t particularly like doing a paraffin wax manicure with the brush on method but tbh I’ve spent a fortune on training courses having done 3 this last year and considering another now, and th total cost is mounting up and up! Was wondering if anyone could recommend a not too expensive but...
  15. blossom

    Microblading rent a room?

    Please stop me if I’m barking up the wrong tree here lol I’ve had requests from clients for Microblading to the point where I’ve been looking at a couple of courses. However i work from home doing nails and other beauty so don’t think I’d be allowed due to health and safety to offer Microblading...
  16. blossom

    Microblading - how did you get first clients

    This is something I’m vaguely considering due to demand and nobody else offering it in my area but I have doubts. I know someone who did a micro blading course a few months ago but has given up due to not being able to find anyone who is willing to let her work on them as she has no...
  17. blossom

    Anyone offer an effective slimming wrap?

    A couple of clients have asked me if I'll be offering an inch loss (even if temporary and just water weight which I would imagine a lot/most are) I'm after something professional, ideally which I could train in, but not too costly for the client Does anyone offer anything which has a good...
  18. blossom

    Client asking for artwork I can’t replicate

    Hi all [emoji4] I’m not that creative and def no artist which is why my nail art offerings tend to be centred around stamping, dotting tool flowers and decals I’ve got a lovely client who has been coming for years and she’s very loyal which I do appreciate, but from the pictures she sends me...
  19. blossom

    Where can I buy this from?

    Trying to source this for a client ... I see it’s Nicole by OPI but can’t seem to track down this particular one. Can anyone help? Thank you x
  20. blossom

    Male chest and back waxing

    I've had an enquiry from the friend of a relative about chest and back waxing Having done my waxing course I presume I'm ok to do this? Is there anything different to bear in mind with men? All advice welcome thank you