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    Have you ever had a set of nails you can't do acrylic on?

    Hi I have a client with the weirdest shape nails ive ever come across. Some of her nails are dead flat but the sidewalls are dead straight like boxes. Some others have such deep side walls but again are straight. You really can't get nail tips to fit them because where they are sooo flat...
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    Gel ll polish, how long does removal take?

    Question is just that. I use shellac but am considering adding Gel ll to my collection but was wondering how the removal time is ?. Xxxx
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    How many people still use their Dashing Diva Light Pod?

    Hi Was thinking about investing in the dashing diva light pod for IBX a and OPI Gel colour and was just wondering if any of you still use this. It would be wonderful for me being mobile but I don't want to spend money unnecessarily Also is the cure time 45 seconds for all layers ? Xxxx
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    Shellac OPI Gel II or I Lac

    Hi ladies I currently do shellac which I love but I have a small group of clients who chip very quickly and it's driving me nuts keep on having to repair them especially as I'm mobile. So basically I'm looking to run another brand alongside shellac which I hope will suit these clients...
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    How deep does IBX penetrate into nail?

    Hi Ive to a client who keeps losing her shellac but when I do IBX she doesn't. But she regularly picks them off as well which weakens the nail. So what I want to know is if she picks off the shellac would she remove enough layers of nail to take the IBX with it. I usually IBX every...
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    Huge congratulations sweet squared best service ever

    Well done sweet squared. My train was cancelled this morning making me very late got to olympia at 10.20 thinking OMG here goes a 3 hour queue. I fact I was through within 1 hr 20 minutes. I had a slight problem with my order which was sorted super quick. I then got to see the rest of the...
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    Crystal nail art brushes. Help

    Hi all I've just bought a couple of crystal art brushes. (Gorgeous) but forgot to get brush cleaner. Is there anything else I can use without ruining them. Xxx
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    When will Neons be on Sweet Squared

    Just as title really, I went to pro beauty today but the sweetsquared queues were enormous so I got my other stuff and thought I would order online if there is any left :eek: xx
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    Mid life crisis and curly hair dilemma

    Hi ladies and gents I'm just popping over from N ails and would love some expert advice. This is not a sob story just pure fact. I'm 47 and have shoulder length curly hair. For the past year my mum in law has been suffering from terminal cancer which is now coming to an end :sad::sad...
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    Mid life crisis and curly hair dilemma

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    Any problems with Hive digital dual wax heater

    Hi geeks I trained with Kim Lawless yesterday and I'm buzzing and ready to get going. I'm going to be mobile for the foreseeable future. Kim wisely suggested not using a dual heater incase one side breaks but I'm in a dilemma. Hive only do a 1000cc digital heater not a 500cc. I'm not...
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    Tips versus overlays

    Ok I'm coming to the end of my acrylic career as basically I've had enough. I've just trained in eyelashes and about to do waxing plus I'm trained in shellac. Ive been doing acrylic for three years, intermittently I admit but I'm fed up with my clients and the damage they do to their...
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    Has any company stood out for their customer service?

    I often browse through salon geek these days more as a spectator than a giver of info. The most sort after question is often who to train with. Who is the best etc. This week I would like to thank Kim Lawless and Beautytrix for their thoughtfulness and totally outstanding customer...
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    Size of ss2 crystals and studs?

    Hi geeks, just received my a\w additives and charmed additives and inside were gold and silver studs and swarovski crystals. they are absolutely perfect because of their small size. Does anyone know what size they actually are as Im sure they are smaller than an SS5. xx
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    LVL with Nouveau or lashes with Flirties?

    Hey geeks sorry just very quick poll sort of question. I was going to do lvl lashes with nouveau but the only date was fully booked so I decided to train with beautytrix for lashes. now nouveau have foned with an lvl space. I cant afford both because ive just paid out for kim lawless...
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    Want to find the CND of lash training

    Hi skin geeks My name is Karen and Ive come over from nails. Im looking into training in lashes, Im from Near Lakeside shopping centre in Essex. I currently have several certificates in nails from CND. So Im looking for lash training and I want it as in-depth and passionate as cnd is...
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    Are some clients prone to greenies or is it all my fault?

    I really hate to have to post this thread because I feel absolutely terrible about it. I have a client who I love but her nails are an absolute nightmare. They are very bendy and peely and shellac lasted about 3 days not them before peeling constantly at the tip. We tried brisa...
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    This is why I chose CND and why you should choose upmarket products

    I had a crap day today, I lost three clients who were having serious nail issues. I went out tonight downhearted and wondering why I ever chose to do nails. My client tonight has CND L & P forever french nails, however three weeks ago I was really poorly and she broke a nail. I just...
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    Do antidepressants really affect the nail or is this a myth?

    This week has been horrible Ive lost three clients who all had their nails done fortnightly which accounts for a fair chunk of money each month and yet another dent to my confidence. The three ladies in question all suffered with peeling nails and after 4 months of trying both shellac and OPI...
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    Severe nail dehydration

    Hi geeks, I have a client who has shellac regularly every two weeks. I use all cnd products and no tools when removing shellac. Also use nourishing remover and my client uses solar oil and scentsations hand cream by the bucket load. The cuticle literally rubs off her nails they are sooooo...