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    Semi permanent eyebrows not taking?

    Hi I'm looking for any semi perm techs to help advise! I've had my brows tattooed twice. The first time a month ago with hair stroke technique and second recently more of a shaded finish. I'm still healing over from the second time (under a week ago) and the scabs are starting to flake. My...
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    Environ users-taking on two cosmeceutical brands?

    Hi all I'm currently using priori which is very popular. The Coffeeberry and Advanced AHA are my best sellers product and facial wise. I'm Interested to hear from environ users, hear about the machine and clients results. Is taking on two cosmeceutical brands going to be a challenge? Last...
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    HD Brows - Advice on training, and clients paying!

    Hi guys! I realise there are plenty of posts on this topic but im looking for someone in a similar situation to myself. Ive had my salon for 8 years, i consider myself to offer very perfected brow tints and shapes for which i charge £13 Im looking at HD because currently no one offers it...
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    Which minx lamp to purchase?

    Hi all, im in two minds about which minx lamp to purchase so for those who have the new black minx lamp, would you recommend it? Has it fitted to your nail desks securely? I bought the medisana lamp and i dont like it! It doesnt have an on or off switch and the bright red light is irritating...
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    New salon logo help required!

    Hi all I currently have a bland logo im not impressed with anymore. The salon needs to move with the times and reflect how the salon is now rather than 5 years ago! Im sure there was a geek among us offering to create logos? Or otherwise can anyone recommend a company that can do it for me...
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    flirties glue - shelf life

    I have the flirties fast setting glue, and cannot remember what the shelf life is. Ive recently dug this out of my kit again, i didnt buy it too long ago. I put it aside because of stinging when clients opened their eyes. But remembered i loved how quick it was! I know its a favourite among...
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    Crystals on Lashes

    If a client is wanting to have little crystals on her lash extensions how is this acheived? Is it a case of using a little lash glue to apply? Can they come pre stuck to the lashes? Any advice? Anyone offer this? Not wearing lash extensions myself ive not been able to experiment!
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    Dashing Diva application

    Just have a question that I've searched and not found the answer for. If a clients nail is smaller than the French wraps is it ok to apply and file side walls once on? Or a big no no? And is it ok to file the free edge to shape a little more rounded? I'm assuming if so you'd do this once...
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    For those who stock more than one brand of tan

    What are the benefits of stocking more than one brand of spray tan? I currently only use one, with no problems in the whole time ive been using it. Why add another one alongside existing brand? Does it confuse any clients? I can imagine questions such as which is better etc. Im curious :D
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    Clients with crossed or straight lashes!

    Being new to lashes, im tackling everyone in sight and applying their lashes!! I trained with nouveau and im heading to london on the 7th of april to have my half day graduation and hand in my case studies. What i seem to be coming up against is clients with crossed, kinked or straight...
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    Akzentz options coloured sculpt with trilite clear as a base?

    Hi guys! Am i right in thinking if you use akzentz trilite (non soak off) as a base to sculpt on then put down your options colour then build over with clear (non soak off) would this work and have durability? Or am I mad? Nicki x
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    Candles - massage balm!

    Hi guys! Im looking for a candle that once melted you use as a massage balm/serum on the hands during a manicure. I cant seem to find what im looking for so if anyone else has used one, or heard of somewhere I can get my hands on some please do share! thankyou :hug:
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    Lash extensions ... who did you train with?

    After being asked on many occasions by my clients about whether I offer lash extensions, ive decided to take the plunge. So I have a few questions! Who did you train with? Did the training include products for the extensions? How much do you charge for a full set? How much do you charge for...
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    Combining Microdermabrasion AND Glycolic Peels

    I have recently completed my Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion training. Im also already offering MD Formulations Peels. When I trained with MD it was said that you could combine glycolic and MDA by alternating the treatments. Then ... the Crystal Clear trainer said this was a big no, its...
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    Vistaprint - glossy business cards question

    Hey guys Im just about to re order my business cards on vistaprint. Thought id have them glossy this time instead of matte. Only question is .. I write their appointments on the back. Will the glossy finish make this difficult for me to do? xx
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    Gel toe pedi - advice

    Ive had a search and not found what im looking for. So for those who offer gel toes with a pedi... I know the average price geeks charge is £20-£30. Then do you offer a pedi with gel toes at a lower price? (I dislike saying discount) If clients were wanting a full pedi with gel toes...
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    akzentz primer question!

    Hi guys Just have a quick question if someone could give me an answer. Can I use my akzentz affixit instead of sure bond when using options and Base N Gloss? Or do I need the sure bond?
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    Tanning brands - Using two?

    Hi guys! Ive been doing some thinking .. so rather than stewing over it thought id ask you guys. Ok Firstly I began using a tanning brand about 2 years ago, lovely tan, but the fade was awful on quite a lot of my clients, including myself. After a year I switched to Xen Tan, which does a...
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    Tip problem during rebalance.

    I have a little problem and im not sure what im doing thats possibly causing it. During two rebalances recently, ive noticed when blending before applying new product ... there is lift at the ears of the tips (I used velocity tips for both) almost like the tip is slightly lifting away from...
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    Young Nails Glitters

    Im debating whether to buy a kit of young nails glitters (8 pots) or to buy several single pots of certain colours perhaps a few bolds and a few softer colours. I am so stuck for choice they all look stunning, but im drawn to the heavenly collection to start. To all the Young Nails geeks ...