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  1. Zingara

    Glitter Tattoos on spray tanned skin.

    Have several younger clients who are loving glitter tattos at the moment, but unfortunately I'm struggling to apply on spray tanned skin. The stencils are removing enough of the tan for a whiter box to appear around the tattoo. Has anyone found a way to avoid this?.....(Sue?) Thank you very...
  2. Zingara

    Lash Extensions. Can they hurt?

    I'm not lash extension trained (although thinking seriously about it) and therefore, it's not a service I offer, but I have a couple of clients who come to me, for other nails and waxing but go elsewhere for their lash extensions. To be honest, to my untrained eye, they look untidy (not what I...
  3. Zingara

    Bio Sculpture Gels description and usage.

    Bio Sculpture gels. The beauty of the Bio Sculpture range is that it truly is a prescriptive service for the nail tech to design an enhancement that suits the type of nail the client has. As we know clients natural nails differ dramatically in strength, length, flexibility and durability, so...
  4. Zingara

    Bio Sculpture Executive Base use and application

    There is a lot of discussion lately about the use or not of Executive Base with Bio Sculpture. Executive Base is used to strengthen and condition the natural nail. It helps compress the nail keratin, leaving a strong, durable nail. The added magnesium, vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein...
  5. Zingara

    Bio Tech in Huddersfield / Brighouse?

    Looking for either a mobile tech covering Hudderfield or a salon that does Bio Sculpture in those area's? Tx
  6. Zingara

    Bio Sculpture or Calgel tech in Moray?

    Wondering if there are any techs or salons out there (or anyone knows of one) near Elgin/Keith or Buckie offering Bio Sculpture or Calgel, please? I've checked on the Bio recommended list and cant see any, but hope there may be someone? Thanks in anticipation xx
  7. Zingara

    Bio Sculpture or Calgel tech in Moray?

  8. Zingara

    Tria? Home laser hair removal.....

    Have come across this through another (non-beauty) forum and it is being raved about, by a couple of ladies who have used Rio (which they say was an utter waste of time - no surprise there), and have also used salon laser/IPL and are saying this is as effective and is worth the (somewhat rather...
  9. Zingara

    Gel sunbed!

    No word of a lie....I have just had a new client who swears blind, that the last time she had gel nails, (and apparently they didn't last - no kidding!) the salon used the sunbed to cure the nails! Would it even work? Even though output would undoubtedly be it the same type of UV...
  10. Zingara

    Any Eve Taylor geeks near Poole, Dorset? Salon based please.

    Title says it all really. Have a friend who may be interested in facials and retail products. Please let me know, and how close you are.
  11. Zingara

    Dermalogica changes....

    Hi all. I've been contacted by a very distressed friend who normally uses Dermalogica Anti Bac Skin Wash, but when she went to her usual salon to buy some more in the week they said it has changed name to Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash. She was assured they were identical products, but she...
  12. Zingara

    New York based techs???

    I know this is probably a huge long shot, but I'm after a good gel tech for a recommendation somewhere near Stormville, NY. Bio Sculpture or Akzentz would be a huge bonus! Anyone??
  13. Zingara

    CND Enamel for French

    I have a client who has asked me to do her next French Manicure (enamel) in a more pinky tone than Negligee (which I usually use over or under Cream Puff, depending on how white the client likes her whites) I'm currently wearing a cool tone coverage pink gel (with whites) and she pointed out...
  14. Zingara

    Mini CND enamels?

    Does anyone know if S2/CND have any mini nail enamel sets currently? Not the buckets....I want colours! I can ring tomorrow (and will) but I'm pondering and planning Xmas sets tonight and was just wondering? Thanks
  15. Zingara

    Zoya Nail polish

    I'm being dimwitted today (no jokes!)....can someone remind me who the UK distributors are for Zoya Nail Polish, please?. And are are there any other truly Formaldehyde-free polishes out there worth trying out? Thanks :hug:
  16. Zingara

    Can we get away with increasing our prices at the moment?

    Well, this month has been the first this year I didn't improve on the last months turnover and profit...partly I believe down to seasonal downturn, but also due to rising prices from suppliers, increased postage and delivery, higher fuel costs when travelling and general running costs are having...
  17. Zingara

    How often do you have a 'no show'?

    In the last 2 days, I've had 1 client cancel 5 minutes after her allotted appointment time, 1 no show altogether, and one turn up 40 minutes late for a 1hr appointment....only after I rang her to find out where she was, and she guiltily turned up. She then admitted that she just got really busy...
  18. Zingara

    What to do with my worst ever nail biiter....

    Saturday afternoon I literally got stopped in the street by a lady who'd seen the advert on my car. She asked for my card and proceeded to then show me the nails she needed 'sorting out'...beacause she 'nibbles' Oh my god, I've seen some messes in my time but I can't possibly imagine how...
  19. Zingara

    Nail art supplies

    Hey all :hug: Need some nail arty bits ASAP....just taken a booking for a couple of girls who want some fun fingers and toes on Thursday night. Only problem is since re-locating my salon to the back of beyond, this has been the first time I've really been asked for anything at all (Red nail...
  20. Zingara

    Wierdo? Or am I being naive?

    I have just taken a call from a guy who proclaims to 'have many wives' and not all of them are as tanned as he would like.:eek: He wanted me to go round and spray tan them all up. I politely declined. I can't help but think I was being wound up, but I have no idea who by. He knew my...