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  1. mini4mum

    New CND courses

    So I want to do the enhancement course, but it seems the L&P & Brisa Grl courses have been separated, which in all fairness probably suits me better... So which course do I do first as I am a natural nail gal. Also looking at the EAs list on S2 website, I cannot see Natasha Lee's (aka Divine by...
  2. mini4mum

    Ordering from Australia/US

    I have had quite a few PMs regarding Neons I split with fellow techs. These neons are from Australia & are the best I have personally found. The EBay seller is 4sanctuarysupplies & she is lovely! The packets are 20g each so plenty for a group to work with - unless of course all your clients...
  3. mini4mum

    Ordering from Australia/US

  4. mini4mum

    Tinsel Toast & a fabulous Geek!

    Can I just say publicly to bloominbeaut - thank you so much for sending me your new bottles of Tinsel Toast!! This is what Salon Geek does best, a network of fantastic therapists & techs who will go out of their way to help another geek!! Many thanks Janine, it's very much appreciated. Fiona...
  5. mini4mum

    Tinsel Toast & a fabulous Geek!

  6. mini4mum

    Iced Vapour Holiday LTD EDs

    Can I just put this out there NOW - that this should be open stock! it is beautiful and will be asked for lots throughout the year! I love Ruby Ritz and Tinsel Toast and think Iced Vapour is magical! Hands up for Iced Vapour in 'open stock' ME! ME! ME!:Love:
  7. mini4mum

    Brisa Lite nail Forms

    I've been looking everyday since before "The Event" for the BLScG nail forms & have rung S2 every week asking for an update (before anybody says call S2) & they have been out of stock for months. I have completed my Build it Class & want to practise what I have paid to learn but need nail forms...
  8. mini4mum

    YouTube Tutorials by Gelish

    As the heading says, are there any Gelish Geeks or Educators that do You Tube tutorials? Would like to add to my list lol!! Thx ;)
  9. mini4mum

    Nail desk tidy

    I currently have a Perspex desk tidy but want to find a set of desk drawers in Perspex so I can place all my additives etc but still see them! What do all you girls (&boys) do for a desk tidy? Would be great to share ideas!! 😄
  10. mini4mum

    Gelish Design Day & Advanced Training Day

    I just wondered if any geeks have been on either of these days? Any feedback is appreciated!! 😄
  11. mini4mum

    Vinylux topcoat empty!

    Just a quickie, please check all your topcoats as my client purchased a V set and has returned the topcoat today as its empty!! So to stop 'You' being embarrassed, as I was lol, double check all your topcoats! :o
  12. mini4mum

    Signing on to S2 account

    I have been trying to sign into S2 account for the last hour! but can't get it to accept my details. I know they are correct but for some reason it won't let me pass GO?! Anybody else having a problem? or is it just me! lol :eek:
  13. mini4mum

    Shellac Art & Style class

    Just getting my kit ready for class tomorrow, but I don't know which colours to take! I have all the Shellac colours & don't fancy trudging them all down to Bournemouth with me 😜 which 'core' selection should I take?? Any help would be great!! Lol
  14. mini4mum

    Shellac Art & Style class

  15. mini4mum

    Nail striping tape

    Does anybody know where I can order different widths of nail striping tape? Have searched & searched & can only find 1mm! Any help will be gladly appreciated. ;)
  16. mini4mum


    Hi Hair Geeks, I've popped over from nails/skin as I wondered if any of you currently use these products. I have been using Pureology for two years or more, but since the change in packaging I think they have changed products too? Any help would be welcome!! Many thanks Fiona ;)
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  18. mini4mum

    Training in "acrylic & gel" 1 day courses

    My daughter has gone with a friend of hers to a place in north East Surrey to be a model for this 1 day intensive course no prior knowledge needed to learn. It is accredited though! My daughter normally wears Shellac or Gelish which I happily do for her. She has fantastic nails & I don't want...
  19. mini4mum

    New Shellac Colours 2013

    Pastels ;-)
  20. mini4mum

    Eve Taylor products for anti ageing

    I am finally getting shot of the last of my Dermalogica. I currently use Age Smart for myself, but want to try Eve Taylor, but want to try before I buy! most of my clientele are old like me :lol: have mature skin, sensitive etc. So I want to purchase a full product range, Cleanser, Toner...