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    High temp glass bead steriliser pot?

    Hey Geeks, Just wondering if anyone owns a high temp glass bead steriliser and if so what do you think of it? The lady who taught me lashes recommended that I got one for my tweezers. I've found them on ebay for around £13, But I don't really know much about them. Are they any good? Am I...
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    Un-natural coloured eyebrows?

    Hi I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a brand that sells brow tints in funky colours? Not that I can see many people requesting it.. but I'd like to have them as an option and also... I quite fancy some jazzy brows myself!
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    No patch test for lash lift?

    Hello! I'm new to lashes and lash lifts and I'm just wondering is it common for lash techs NOT to do patch tests? Its something I wouldn't dream of, and from what I've been taught and what I've found.. insurance would only cover me if I do them? The reason why I'm asking is for 2 reasons...
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    Eyelash client with headlice?

    I've recently started doing lashes and I'm wanting to pick peoples brains on something.... Headlice! I'm itchy just typing the word! If you were to notice headlice in someones hair what would you do? How would you politely approach the subject? Has anyone ever faced a situation like this...
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    How much to charge for lash lifts?

    Just wanted to share these photos of my latest lash lift - I've only done 2 since completing my training! I forgot to take a before photo, but luckily my model had one that we could zoom in and screenshot - it just shows how blonde and un-noticeable her lashes where! I'm just wondering what...