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    Ikon IQ question

    Good evening geeks, I’m having a little silly moment! I have a gel and manicure course for beginners booked in 2 weeks, when I booked this 3 months ago (and paid in full) I didn’t fully understand the difference in gel brands. After been on here for a while and doing my research I’d really like...
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    Hopi candles

    Hey salon geeks, could anybody recommend w good vegan Hopi candles? Iv been looking online and can’t find any vegan ones x
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    Newbie looking for advice and chat

    Hey salon geeks, so Iv been a support worker for 10+ years and have finally decided at the grand old age of 32 I’d like to retrain (I did start when I was 16 but quit with only level 1 of hairdresser and a couple of beauty certificates!). I need to do this slowly but surly as I refuse to get...