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  1. ellishairbeauty

    Does pre softening really work?

    I have always been taught to pre soften stubbourn white hairs. Apply liquid peroxide, appply heat for 10 mins, apply colour. I understand it is a process of lifting the cuticle layer in order for a deeper/faster penetration of the tint. My lady come yesterday she has the most corse white...
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    I tried to search for a thread in which i could ask how to deal with certain clients, personalities or questions that they ask, how to stay strong and confident but also keep the custom and please them. Over the years ive always thought to myself did i handle that correctly? Could i worded that...
  3. ellishairbeauty

    Caramel highlites gone white

    Had a customer over xmas come with box tinted hair (red probably 6.46 majerel) Who wanted caramel highlites with chcolate brown flood. I applied foils with bleach and low vol (dont have record card on me) and flooded with 5.0. Foil result was level 8 light orange/dark yellow. I applied...
  4. ellishairbeauty

    L'Oreal mythic oil & spatulas

    Hiya 2 questions in 1 thread. My whole saler has recently started retailing mythic oil. Can i have some pros and cons please. Shall i invest? Also i recently done some maternity cover for a friend in her salon, its finished now, All of the stylists used spactuals. It seems they are foiling 1...
  5. ellishairbeauty

    After some paperwork

    Hiya i have a friend whos boss is not giving her enough knowladge but expecting her to do colour corrections her boss doesnt really care about teaching her she would rather bark orders and tell her what to put on rather than explain. Ive advised a colour correction course of some sort but the...
  6. ellishairbeauty

    Greasy hair help

    Hello i have client whos hair that gets greasy after around 3 hours. At the moment she is using loreàl sensibalance shampoo and conditioner (before that i used a clarifying shamppo to clear any build up) she has been using for around 4 months. Before this we tried not washing her hair once a...
  7. ellishairbeauty

    Aston and Fincher, Perry Barr-Birmingham?

    Hello im on a course tomorrooo at the perry barr aston and fincher in birmingham and wondering if any1 knows what train station is closest perry barr, witton, aston all come under b6 postcode. Struggling to find answers online! Thank u xx Kind Regards, Ellis :)
  8. ellishairbeauty

    So what's the next hair colour trend?

    So i got rid of my ombre and in now rocking kardashian inspired chocolate brown with flashes of caramel. Im getting itchy feet (or hair) for a new look.... whats on the horizon?? X Kind Regards, Ellis :)
  9. ellishairbeauty

    Shaving cancer patient's head?

    Hi! My best and most loyal customer has been struck with the dreaded cancer. She has medium legnth, naturally straight hair. It is a fine texture but there is a lot there. She is shaving her head before the chemo takes it to make into a wig for other cancer victims. My question. When i shave...
  10. ellishairbeauty

    Colouring question

    Just a silly question really. For example when toning base 9 orange hair you would use 9.1. So what is 9.01. I would understand 9.11 (so like a double amount of ash) but why 9.01 whats the 0? I understand the difference between a base .0 eg 5 or a 5.0 this makes the colour deeper, richer...
  11. ellishairbeauty

    Brazillian blowdries

    Hiya i am thinking of going down the root of training in brazillian blowdries. I understand about keratin and that is a keratin based product but thats all i do kno. How long does it take on average? Whats the process? Pros, cons? Thank u xx Kind Regards, Ellis @ EHB
  12. ellishairbeauty

    Brazillian blowdries

  13. ellishairbeauty

    L'Oreal Majicontrast

    Hello guys and gals I have found a colour in my colour stash with no box and I'm not sure what it is. Here is the pic can someone tell me please thanks Xxx Sent from my GT-N7000 using SalonGeek mobile app
  14. ellishairbeauty

    Off to Chester for the weekend!

    As above.... saturday were going to the zoo, so we have saturday evening, all day sunday and monday morning. Wheres nice to eat? Wheres nice to have walks? Have a few beers? Thanks in advance! Sent from my GT-N7000 using SalonGeek mobile app
  15. ellishairbeauty

    No babies

    Hiya gals and guys. Never posted a thread on here but i can see alot of you talk quite openly and all support each other with any thread so here i am. Ive been with my man 5 years. Weve lived together 12 months. On our 5th or 6th date when i was 20 years old and he was 25 he told me he...
  16. ellishairbeauty

    Stripping xxl black

    Xxl matt black put on every 4 weeks (all over for over 2 years) major product build up on the ends with 3 inch virgin shade 6.1 Target shade 6.3 with warm 7 highlights Explained 2 client this will be a 5 or 6 appointment thing untill her hair is a at target shade. One problem i cannot break...
  17. ellishairbeauty

    Still quiet!

    Is anybody else out there still quiet? Im starting to feel frustrated and feeling maybe this summer was just a fluke as i had clients coming out my ears and was turning work away, i feel like all my hard work is slowly going out the window. Ive just had another txt from a regular who comes...
  18. ellishairbeauty

    Skin tests

    Hiya. Had a new client who came for consultation/skin test who told me she nearly always reacts to colour whether it be at home or at a salon but her old hairdresser used to just foil it so it doesnt touch the scalp.... her skin test didnt react but if she nearly always reacts by her own...
  19. ellishairbeauty

    Loreal colour correction

    Hello. This is my client she currently has loreal half 4.20 and half 5.6 with 20vol on roots and combed through for last 10 mins. She has chosen this is her in the first pic and she has chosen the last pic. Hair does not have a massive product build up and is in fantastic condition. Bleach...
  20. ellishairbeauty

    Shellac complaint

    Hiya. Had a shellac client in on tuesday who had french polish. She has txt this morning to say the shellac has chipped in 3 places. I followed all the correct prodecures with the client. I did my own shellac that day without even following any of the procedures. Litterally just threw the polish...