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  1. Miss Sylk

    Anti aging facial machine suggestions?

    I do microdermabrasion and I'm thinking of adding another electrical facial treatment but more for plumping anti ageing etc. My price range is low-mid. I trained in this years ago in Nvq. But I cannot remember much and things will have moved on since then. Ang reviews good or bad appreciated...
  2. Miss Sylk

    Khaki green gel needed!

    Been looking for months for the perfect kahki gel. Any brand! Most are too green or too light and sage coloured. I'm talking a army uniform proper kahki. Anyone know any?? X
  3. Miss Sylk

    Ingrown leg hair cures?

    i suffer so bad that I pick the bumps abc it looks awful, worse than a shave rash! I have coarse dark hair that grows fast and get waxed every 3 weeks What can I do to get rid!? I exfoliate with rough sponge in bath.
  4. Miss Sylk

    Nouveau retail lash remover?

    just reading my new copy a professional beauty Magazine and I noticed new phone lashes and now doing a lash extension remover that the client can use at home. This is a boost profits and attract new clients they were too busy for removal. It's looks like a costume and applicator. RRP 9.99. What...
  5. Miss Sylk

    Fast/express tan feedback?

    Looking for brand ideas.. Some say one hour! But is it really one hour? Are you L a tan which takes between three and five hours but then still develops so it's not exactly quick. What's your xperience??
  6. Miss Sylk

    Pro advice needed on reducing thick hair

    hi looking for help. I've got thick hair I'm 35 and obviously had it all my life and I'm sick of it. Thinning scissors, razors, cutting into and down hair hasn't exactly helped over time. My hair is wavey and a little frizzy naturally. There's so much to help thin hair but what can we do for...
  7. Miss Sylk

    Educating clients on perfect shape and quality extension

    I'm aware that there are lots of different levels of skill with acrylic and gel extensions however lots of clients only seee pricetag. I think we all know this when see them on fb selling sites! And you see people commenting saying only £10 fantastic! But I'd like to educate my clients as to why...
  8. Miss Sylk

    Where can I train in IBD hard gel?

    i've been looking on the Internet it seems quite hard to find places to train in IBD hard gel. If you are in educator are use this product can you please comment below or inbox me how much you charge and where you are based. I have previous general training but it's a very long time ago so I...
  9. Miss Sylk

    I don't know how to find the threads I create on the new app

    Can u help me?? I hate this new app! How do I find the there's I created? Or commented on?? X
  10. Miss Sylk

    Have you trained with Advanced Beauty Group?

    I see there has been another thread on this but I don't feel I got the answers but I was looking for and I'm sure more than two people have trained with this company. So I'm looking for people who have trained for this company to write their experiences. I'm not looking for people who haven't...
  11. Miss Sylk

    Formaldehyde free nail polish/strengthener

    Looking Formaldehyde free nail polish? I love my seche vit and China glaze but it makes me cough, it's s known side effect of formaldehyde. Nothing else makes me cough. What can you recommend?? Fast drying especially.
  12. Miss Sylk

    Reviews on Sleek Brows and similar

    I'd like to know how long you are all getting out of your brow building??? Have you worn it yourself?? How easy are they to look after?? Please note : Not brow extensions!! But the sculpting paste. I am looking to train in this or with another company soon. How much call is there in the salon...
  13. Miss Sylk

    Good strip wax recommendations please

    Hi all, I'm sure this kind of thread has been going on a long time and I've had a search but can't find what I'm looking for so simply if you could all just write a little comment on which strip wax you use and why. I currently use salon system and I'm not sure I'm getting the quality and...
  14. Miss Sylk

    Best cream to use after microdermabrasion?

    I had a reaction to a cream used after my last microderm. She said it was aloe Vera? That and how ever many other chemicals! So what's the most gentle soothing cream out there? I don't want to do what happend to me to my customers when I start doing this treatment.
  15. Miss Sylk

    Face red & hot after microdermabrasion

    I love microderm but don't have it often. The one i had today is the strongest I've had. I've looked closely at my face and my skin looks shiny & new! Blackheads are right at surface so will be easy to extract. So it's obviously got good suction!! However....I am sometimes sensitive to things...
  16. Miss Sylk

    Nova 108 microdermabrasion machine

    Can anyone tell me where to buy one of these? I've been looking all over the net and all I see are the cheap Chinese ones. ?
  17. Miss Sylk

    Successful self-employed but should I work in a salon?

    I need your advice, bit of a long one. I've run my beauty business successfully for five years and am always busy. The prices are good for my customers and they work for me as well. I work from home and I find my hours work perfect before me and my family. However an opportunity has become...
  18. Miss Sylk

    Any working professionals have depression?

    I do! Not a taboo subject for me, I fully understand it, accept it & don't mind talking about it. Anyway I work 5 days a week, not full time. I must admit my depression took a turn for the worst lately and I'm struggling to keep professional. Smile and talk about clients worries, issues. lives...
  19. Miss Sylk

    Glue in hair wefts?

    Hi ladies please forgive my ignorance as I am not a hair professional I am a beauty professional. I am just asking for some views and comments on glueing in weft hair extensions. The ones which are the latex glue and a weft of hair. How long do they last? How kind are they too hair? What are...
  20. Miss Sylk

    Glue in hair wefts?