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  1. Katyt

    L’Oreal & Matrix users, please help

    Hi guys, im going to look at a client tomorrow who has bleached hair, were going for a root drag & lowlights of her nautral colour (base 5) so im unable to pre pigment it. What would anyone advise the best colour to last the longest on the bleached hair? Am i better off using a semi? X
  2. Katyt

    Matrix cult disco silver

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has used any of the matrix cult colours yet? Im mainly interested in the disco silver & marble grey, does anyone have any pics please? Xx
  3. Katyt

    Nano ring help

    Hi, Can anyone help with nano ring extensions please? Today i used euphoria one beads and they were impossible to get off my threading tool with the hair through. Even using the smallest sections possible it took me 5 hours to fit 100 nanos and ive never taken that long with extensions before...
  4. Katyt

    Euphoria One nanos

    Morning, Does anyone use Euphoria one for nano hair extensions? Could you recommend a threading needle please? I struggle to get the beads off the ends of my usual ones as the end is too thick and end up snapping the wire and application takes twice as long x
  5. Katyt

    Pink hair help

    A few months ago i had a customer that wanted ash blonde hair, so i did it with bleach and matrix ulav and it did the job. She decided she didnt like it and wanted to go pink so i used a matrix watercolour pink, its lasted her ages as she does this “curly girl technique” and doesnt really...
  6. Katyt

    Matrix colour help

    Hi [emoji5]️ My customer last night asked for tje colour in the photo which we achieved So today shes decided she hates it. What would anyone suggest to get it to a more natural blonde colour please and not quite as light? Ideally an all over colour and im gonna break it up with some lowlights...
  7. Katyt

    Crowning Glory hair extensions

    Hi, Yesterday i fitted a customers LA weave, shes a hairdresser herself so she had got her own hair, it was from crowning glory, ive never used them before but the hair seemed really thick and she recommended them as shes had them a few times. Has anyone any experience with these? Thank you...
  8. Katyt

    Pre pigment with Matrix so colour help

    Hey guys, Just recently getting back into using matrix so colour. Ive had a client come to me wanting ombre coloured over, what would you recommend pre pigmenting it with first? Shes had it done elsewhere but washed out after a couple washes x
  9. Katyt

    16" hair weft

    Morning [emoji5]️ who would anyone reccomend for a good quality 16" weft please? I normally go to euphoria one but they only do 20" and the customer only wants it for thickness so thought might as well have 100g of hair that i would use rather than have to cut off and waste. Ive looked at sjk...
  10. Katyt

    Euphoria One price increased

    Has anyone noticed their prices creeping up all the time? Ive just gone to price a customer and the wefts have gone up £20ish in the past few weeks [emoji30][emoji30][emoji30][emoji30][emoji30]
  11. Katyt

    Alternative to luo p01

    Morning, I love using luo colour p01 as a toner after hilights but its so expensive compared to other colours, can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative please? I dont want a grey, just a nice pale toner to clear up any golden blonde xx
  12. Katyt

    Hair colour advice

    hi [emoji5]️ I have a client tomorrow that wants this type of colour, she already has blonde hair like the ends so in my head im thinking a root drag with babylights of the blonde and brown? What do you guys think? Xx
  13. Katyt

    Euphoria One Brazilian weft vs Angel Remy super weft

    hi all ☺️ Does anyone have any experience with the above 2 companies? Havent used either of them for wefts before so any advice would be great Thank you xxx
  14. Katyt

    Colorphlex shampoo on hair extensions?

    morning guys, im looking for a good shampoo to offer my customers on hair extensions. Ive heard the colorphlex one is good for them, has anyone any experience with this? x
  15. Katyt

    Colouring bleached hair back to brown

    hey, ive a few customers wanting to go from bleach blonde to their natural colour, im strugglig to find anything to stick. Ive used a red colour mousse and loreal colours with 20 vol and they fade really quick. Can anyone advise on another method please? X
  16. Katyt

    L'Oreal colour fade after 3 washes

    Hey, i recently did a colour correction on a lady who had ombre, her roots were dyed nearly black and she wanted an all over mocha colour. i lifted the dark and filled the ends with a red colour mousse and applied a loreal colour (cant remember what colour but it was a 4 something, with 20...
  17. Katyt

    How to get lilac toner out of bleach blonde hair

    Hey guys, my customer normally has hilights and P01 toner so is quite blonde. Tonight shes just text me in a panic as shes put a lilac toner on and hates it!! How the hell do i get it out? It looks pretty grey! Is it a waiting game or can i get it out? Xx
  18. Katyt

    How many micro rings for thick hair?

    Morning, Ive just priced a lady for 175 micro rings which she has said she would like to go ahead with. she had a blunt cut long bob. ive just realised that they only weigh 0.8g, do you think this will be enough? they will be 16" xx
  19. Katyt

    Euphoria One Brazilian hair

    hi, im tempted to use the euphoria one brazillian itips for the first time on a customer, has anyone had any experience with them? X