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    Gelish alternative to Shellac Tropix, non fading?

    I'm wearing Passion now (also have Vinylux Tropix) and yes they are very close in colour, so I would go with that. I've never had a problem with Passion fading, I think it's the lighter pinks/purples that have 'issues'. x
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    New to Salon Geek - Gel Polishes

    To be honest I'd forget about the vitagel for now if I was you, get some foundation and just use gelish normally. I also highly recommend doing the training with harmony, it's not expensive. They are very good though so I'm sure you could talk to them about application while waiting for training. x
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    Can you use other LED lamps for Gelish?

    It's worth contacting nail harmony as they do sell refurbished led lamps....
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    How did you learn to sculpt?

    When I trained with harmony they taught both sculpting and tips, so you should be fine. If they've changed to just sculpting I'm sure the educator will show you tips if you ask. x
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    Can you recommend a moisturiser for my poor skin?

    Sorry all..I've only just realised this had been moved - wondered where it had disappeared to! :-) Dermalogica wise...I had bought the trial size kit of ultra calming and then a full size redness relief and active moist as they were recommended. Although I am now wondering whether my...
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    Treatment for blemished skin or rosecea

    I'm having the exact same problem (thread further down). Im trying to find the right skin care that is proving difficult but I'm also going to change my make up just as an experiment. Have you been to your gp? I got some gel from mine that I apply at night.
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    Can you recommend a moisturiser for my poor skin?

    Thanks AmeliaR...I've been to a local therapist and had a facial and bought the products she recommended which was the starter kit in the ultra calming range. So moisturiser wise I guess it's the serum concentrate followed by barrier repair. Just doesn't seem to be doing anything for my...
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    Can you recommend a moisturiser for my poor skin?

    Thanks all...I'll have a look at the ones you've mentioned. Jillybob - what's the oil cleaner you've been using? I've never heard of that before. x
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    Can you recommend a moisturiser for my poor skin?

    Hi all, I have mild rosacea and my skin is very dry and sensitive. I've been prescribed anti-biotic gel which is great but I find it even more drying, so I need to find a really good moisturiser. I have been using Dermalogica Ultra Calming range for a month but don't find this moisturising...
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    Young Nails

    I trained with young nails for l&p sculpting....great products and great training. x
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    Anyone used/using Dermalogica for Rosacea?

    I've just this week started using Dermalogica Ultra Calming range, as I've been diagnosed with rosacea. Albeit it is mild (flares up with certain things like heat, cold and alcohol!) but I do get alot of breakouts. So far it seems fine (as in hasn't made it any worse) but I just wondered if...
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    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    Thanks Geeg. She normally has a hard gel, but at the moment I don't offer that. She's heavy on her nails due to her job but hard gel worked ok (albeit she said she would have quite a bit of lifting by infill time).
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    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    Hi, I have a client who had Brisa Lite Sculpting last week (over her own nails) and has broken 2 of them within days. Now she admits to be heavy on her nails, doesn't look after them and prefers them to be very thick - about 3 times thicker than what they were. Now...would it be worth...
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    Clear sculpting forms for Brisa Lite Sculpting

    I'm also looking for some as my training is this Thursday, so I want to be able to practise after! After a search I've found Young Nails also do clear forms. x
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    Question for other mobile therapists! Gel polish charges

    I'm mobile...my 'close' friends will come to me instead and we'll do nails while having coffee etc, and I give them a discount but they're not free. x
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    Nail Artists - uniform or not?

    I'm a mobile nail tech and it's black trousers with black tshirt for me, with my logo on in pink. Shoes dependant on the weather and if it's freezing a little cardigan. I feel more comfortable going to a client wearing it, and yes it gets covered in dust etc, so I'm glad I don't wear my normal...
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    Bags under eyes-treatments?

    I haven't looked into the ingredients before, but thank you...I will have a look at the eye neuvo now. I'm willing to try anything that doesn't involve an injection! :-)
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    Bags under eyes-treatments?

    I haven't looked at electrical...it's hard to find what would actually work. As you can imagine I've bought soooo many different eye creams over the years it's ridiculous! I guess it's just bothering me more now I'm getting older (36...sigh) and I think it'll look worse the older I get. Do...
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    Bags under eyes-treatments?

    Hi all...just wondering what treatments (if any) would help with bags under my eyes? Unfortunately they appear to be hereditary so not linked to sleep/water etc. Aside from trying to cover them up, is there anything I can do?