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  1. Hope

    15% off in B&Q

    Here's a voucher link for those who might want it xxx B&Q -
  2. Hope

    VAT has been cut, good news?

    So vat has been cut to 15%, that will save us all some pennies in the lead up to Christmas. It will take effect from December 1st. I guess the shops are going to be busy changing all of there price labels now :lol: Mind you how much will that cost them!
  3. Hope

    VAT Cut - Pre Budget Report it is good or a load of pants?

    So vat has been cut to 15%, that will save us all some pennies in the lead up to Christmas. It will take effect from December 1st. I guess the shops are going to be busy changing all of there price labels now :lol: Mind you how much will that cost them!
  4. Hope

    Villa's near Disney Florida

    Well after years of wanting to, hubby and I have decided that next June we will take the family to Florida to 'do' Disney. As there are 7 of us we want to have a villa nearby, I know that heaps of you are bound to have done this so does anyone have any recommendations? All will be great xxx
  5. Hope

    Minx, how much do you/will you charge?

    I guess the title says it all, I have just placed an order for some Minx (can't wait for them to arrive) but I was just wondering what sort of prices people are charging for these? Thanks all xxx
  6. Hope

    Stone Therapy

    I am looking into learning some new things this year, I have had a prospectus through from college and the Stone therapy really appeals to me. It is a 12 week course, 3 hours 1 evening a week. I have also started to look into a course with La Stone. I was hoping for some feedback from any...
  7. Hope

    Your tree, fun or stylish?

    After seeing the gorgeous tree that Bagpuss has, and then comparing it to mine which is a mishmash of things made by the kids, chosen by the kids and all different colours etc, I was just wondering what all of yours are like. Do you have a beautiful tree which is colour co-ordinated and done...
  8. Hope

    Little Joe

    For those that have asked I have finally managed to get a picture of Joe in my gallery xx
  9. Hope

    Coffee pod machines are they any good?

    I am thinking of getting one of the coffee pod machines, I have looked into them and so far my fav is the Krups Dolce Gusto, followed by Tassimo. Do any of you Geeks have one? If so what do you think of it? Thanks all xx
  10. Hope

    ** The Official Strictly Come Dancing Thread **

    Now have I missed it, I haven't seen a thread about it yet..... Who has just watched the results, I can't believe that Gabbi and Penny were the bottom 2 :eek:. There are a handful of people who IMO deserved to go before either of these. I have to admit I am pleased that Penny stayed though...
  11. Hope

    Real Nappies, who has used them and which ones?

    So Baby will soon be here and we have decided that this time we are going to use real nappies, but boy was I amazed at how many different ones are available. I think that I have decided on which ones to use, TotsBots Bamboozles, but as they aren't cheap I was wondering if any of you had used/do...
  12. Hope

    Card Making, where do you get your bits 'n' bobs from?

    Well The title says it all I guess..... I know that lots of you creative Geeks make your own cards, and it is something I would like to have a go at. I have seen kits in Argos, and I know that Hobby Craft do heaps of things for it, so I am wondering if any of you have any fab...
  13. Hope

    So how many of you are Harry Potter fans?

    I AM! Hubby bless him went to ASDA on his way home from work at 1am on Friday night and I had the book finished by Sunday afternoon..... I was surprised at it, not many of the things I though might happen did happen, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, AND i only cried once!!! So how many of you...
  14. Hope

    I passed, I passed and I passed!!!

    Last week I took my Spa Masters my L&P Masters and my Brisa Masters. My results came through today and I passed all three :green:. It was hard work, and LOTS of learning in a very short space of time, but I did it and I am so chuffed with myself. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Amanda...
  15. Hope

    Couture Tanning

    After reading something Amb wrote in a thread earlier about a fab offer atm with Couture Tanning, I was hoping that some of you geeks who use it might be able to give me your opinions on Couture. Thanks in advance xxx
  16. Hope

    Phew, thank goodness for that!! Nails breathing

    I turned the tv on a little while a go and caught the tail end of an interview with an actress from Cutting it (sorry didn't catch her name).... anyhoo, it turns out that she wore acrylic nails for 4 years, and they ruined her nails, but don't worry she has taken them off and they are now able...
  17. Hope

    What MPV would you recommend?

    We bought a VW Sharran nearly 4 years ago (second hand), and we haven't had any luck with it at all. This month it has got to go. Now I know that you never really know what you are getting from a second hand car, but who has bought an MPV and found it to be reliable? It needs to be a BIG...
  18. Hope

    Drinking Alcohol in pregnancy, your thoughts

    I have always totally stopped drinking when I have been pregnant, but while I was on a pregnancy website today this is the info they give on drinking alcohol while pregnant the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists say 'it is recommended that women should be careful about alcohol...
  19. Hope

    I put in in my journal, but I am going to put it here too!!!!

    I am pregnant again :) . Sorry I just had to shout it out!!!!! We are all dead excited, although I did wobble for a min when I found out and thought OMG can I really cope with 5. But the wobble only lasted a minute. So there we go, another Geeky baby on the way.
  20. Hope

    Geek Syndrome....

    Well they say that a group of nurses all end up with their monthly cycles synchronising, and what with all the sad journals atm I think that we have all caught Geek Syndrome. Apparently the symptoms are numerous, and at this time of year is is extremely contagious. So I think that being the...