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  1. del3

    Ever knocked over a bottle of nail fresh?

    Saw these in this months scratch mag and decided to give it a try. I didn't want it for the nail polish but more for my nail fresh...on my 3rd bottle having wasted the first two by knocking them over.:irked: Fantastic little thing, so simple, wish I'd thought of it myself.:D Pink Puff Nail...
  2. del3

    Bio Sculpture help please

    I have a client booked in next week for the removal of a set of Bio sculpture Gels. I have no experience with Bio sculpture, so can any body please confirm that Bio is a soak off system and will normal product remover or acetone be sufficient? Thank you :hug:
  3. del3

    Opinons/advice on renting out a table/space in own salon pls

    I'm thinking of renting a nail table and space out in my salon. Does anybody that's done this have any advice, what's exppected of me,possible problems and rough idea of reasonable rent to ask/what I should include in the price? Also I'd like some feedback from nail technicians that have rented...
  4. del3

    EZflow Celestial Bodies gel, has anyone tried it?

    Has anybody tried the Ezflow Celestial Bodies Gel? Opinions please if you have. Thank you :hug:
  5. del3

    Spa break recommendations

    I have a client that would like a recomendation for a spa in the north west (she mentiond liverpool, chester, manchester areas), although she did say if there was something nice in other areas she wouldn't dismiss the sugestion. She wants to book a short break for her and her partner as a 40th...
  6. del3

    Scratch mag cover...WOW!

    Just had my scratch mag and.....I WANT THOSE SHOES!:lol: Anybody know where I can get them please? Oh the minxed nails look preety good too :lol:
  7. del3

    Overexposure, please take it seriously

    Hi, I'm writing this thread in the hope that it will help at least one person to realise the dangours of overexoposure,I would hate to see anybody have to go through the pain and irritation I'm going through.It is directed mostly to those nail techs that have been as unlucky as myself with...
  8. del3


    Once upon a time there was a little bird that got bored with flying south for the winter and decided to north instead. The bird said goodybye to his friends going south and off he went. He flew for miles and miles but the further north he went the colder he became until all of a sudden his...
  9. del3

    Minx on damaged nails?

    Hi, I'm thinking of introducing Minx to my salon and I was wondering, if a client had nail plate damage e.g. imperfections in the plate due to enhancements being 'riped off', would this damage show through the Minx or would the Minx 'iron out' the damage? I hope that made sence :lol: Thanks
  10. del3

    No Lift Nails Products - opinions please

    Hi, Has anybody here used the No Lift Nails product line. I would like opinions from anybody that has please. Thanks xx:hug:xx
  11. del3

    Anyone heard of Hot Nails???

    Hi, I was wondering if any gel users could help me out with a question. A lady came into the salon today to book an appointment. i asked her if she'd had nail enhancements before and she that she had. She had been to the beauty salon in my village and had gel nails. She said that she...
  12. del3

    History of Nail Enhancements..Can anybody help please?

    Hi, I want to do a project of some kind for my salon, something interesting to put on the wall instead of the usual nail pics and posters. A client gave me the idea today of making a collage or something similar on the history of Nail Enhancements. She reckons it would be a good idea to put it...
  13. del3

    I think I scared her!!

    As most of you must know I've recently turned my hair and nail salon into a nails only salon therfore I've been doing a fair amount of advertising to promote my business. Well in the village that I am based there is a beauty salon that does gel nails and today I got a visit from the receptionist...
  14. del3

    'nailclass' by Gigi - This book is amazing

  15. del3

    'nailclass' by Gigi - This book is amazing

    I've just recieved Nail Class by Gigi Rouse this morning. I'm supposed to be doing my housework so I quikely scanned through it ( or so I thought) Two hours later I raise may head from the book and realise I've learnt more in those two hours than I did in a year in collage. Easy to understand...
  16. del3

    So true!!

    A Spanish Teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated either feminine or masculine. A student asked whether a computer was masculine or feminine. Instead of giving an answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked...
  17. del3

    How long does it take YOU???

    One question I've noticed being asked regularly on chat is' by qualified and training nail techs, is ''How long does it take you to do a full set of L&P?'' The times given vary so much. I normally take around 11/2 to 2hrs depending how much cuticle work is required. So what I'm asking is: a)...
  18. del3

    Young teens using DIY kits????

    Ok this is the 1st time I’ve posted a thread, so here goes. This morning I had the biggest shock when one of my daughters friends told me she had bought a Rio kit from Argos and was going to 'do nails' to earn some pocket money (she's 15 and obviously had no training whatsoever). After...