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  1. Baggybear

    Intimate hot waxer in NP22 area?

    I have a client who has contacted me to wax her as she is near the end of her pregnancy and wants to be ready for the birth (which she now is) but she is out of my normal working area and so I am looking to pass her over to someone more local. She was being waxed in Liverpool when visiting...
  2. Baggybear

    Over the counter products - recommend or not?

    Can I ask a serious question of all Geeks please (*posted as a thought provoking thread*): Why would you not recomend an OTC product if it is the best you have found? What I mean is, IF the OTC product was the best you've used what could be wrong with that OTC product that would stop it...
  3. Baggybear

    New tanning machine - what do you think?

    I've seen this youtube clip of a new tanning sytem that is going to be available soon and wonder what you guys think of it. Click and Tan Elite spray tan system review - YouTube I think I may be looking to buy one as a spare for when my trusty 5008 gives up on me (no sign of that happening yet...
  4. Baggybear

    Box coloured hair & stripping to reveal the grey

    Hi, I'm not a hair person so have posted my question in consumer section. Have been using box colour to cover my grey hair for ages (the box colour I use is close to my natural colour & I only applied to the regrowth area - as I was trying to hide the grey growth), now I'm fed up of colouring...
  5. Baggybear

    Mobile kit & Kim Lawless Hollywoods

    I can't believe how much kit I have for this one treatment. :eek: I have my couch. A tray & folding stand. My couch roll and my bin in a bag. A big box with: 2 wax heaters/strips/spats/after & pre wax products/pots for spats & strips/tweezers/gloves etc. My clients will think I'm moving in...
  6. Baggybear

    Box colours & why not to use them

    I am NOT a hair geek but I often see threads where box colours are said to be bad for the hair, called evil and that they are the bain of many hairdressers lives. I posted this in the hair section because I really don't think it would get as many responses in the consumer section. I DON'T want...
  7. Baggybear

    Box colours & why not to use them

  8. Baggybear

    Cut my hair off today

    Thought I'd share my transformation from long to short(er) and see what you guys all think. I am going to send the ponytail off to 'Little Princess Trust' :).
  9. Baggybear

    Crystal toes

    I use Cuccio pronto clear (a soak off gel) or Eco clear soak off gel. Both of these products are advertised as being able to be used as a base and a builder gel and a seperate base product is not required. I buy my SS5, flat back, NON hotfix, swarovski crystals from Scatter crystals, there are...
  10. Baggybear


    So who is watching it and what do you think so far? I'm liking Finland's bouncy, funny & quite catchy entry so far.
  11. Baggybear

    Don't you just love the feeling you get

    when you book yourself onto a course. Knowing you are going to be expanding your knowledge and learning new things. I have finally booked myself onto a Kim lawless intimate waxing course and even though the date is a few months away I am so excited and just can't wait. I am also about to...
  12. Baggybear

    When doing cluster lashes?

    .... approx how many clusters do you use per eye? I am about to start practicing cluster lashes and have seen so many different bits of advice given regarding how many clusters should be applied per eye. I have read of someone using a whole tray for 1 set of lashes and then others that get 3...
  13. Baggybear

    New logo by Verve

    My new logo designed by the fabulous Carl from Verve. What do you guys think?
  14. Baggybear

    Kim Lawless waxing course - Wales

    I am really wanting to train in female intimate with Kim Lawless and she has said she is willing to come to Wales if there is enough interest. :biggrin::biggrin: Any other geeks out there wanting to train with her while she is in Wales?
  15. Baggybear

    My 9 year old at birthday pamper-no consult or signatures

    My daughter age 9 is at her friends party this evening. This party is at a beauty salon where they are getting their nails, hair and make up done with karaoke. I explained to the mum of the birthday girl that my daughter has sensitive skin and has had a reaction to make up previously so I don't...
  16. Baggybear

    Who's panicking about their accounts? 2011/2012

    So it's getting close the deadline for online accounts Apr 2011 - April 2012. Who's paniking and not completed their accounts yet? I have not filed mine yet :Scared: but it's all in very, very good shape :lol: and I only have to finalise my milage for 2 clients before I check it all over and...
  17. Baggybear

    In need of a little Geek love & support

    I don't usually say much about my personal life on here but I'm going through the start of what I know will be a very tough time for me (and it's made worse because it's Christmas). My parents and siblings all live aprox 100 miles from me. My dad is ill, he has been for a long time now but has...
  18. Baggybear

    What makes you laugh?

    I am sat here alone (kids are in bed & OH has gone to Anfield to watch Liverpool play footy) and I have been flicking through the tv channels trying to find something light to watch and I stumbled upon Jeff Dunham, I love him and even though I have seen all his material I still laugh as I find...
  19. Baggybear

    Groupon - fighting for it's life

    Groupon fights for its life as daily deals fade - Yahoo! Finance UK What do you think about this revelation? Is it even a revelation or did we all see this coming?