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  1. blossom

    Best brow & lash tinting products

    I use Refectocil which I was told is longer lasting. Happy with results
  2. blossom

    Brow lamination?

    Hi yes my insurance company require a separate course to be done which is crazy so i won’t be offering it. Shame though
  3. blossom

    Faulty batch - Salon System lash lift

    Are they within date?
  4. blossom

    Lash lifts?

    I’ve had LVL and other brands and the results were identical but the LVL brand costs way more, which I personally couldn’t justify to clients, knowing the results were the same. I did a cours with Salon Services which was brilliant. I use products from lashbase now, main reason I want to get my...
  5. blossom

    Lash lifting – patch tests

    I do behind the ear. Tint behind the right. Lift products behind the left. That way you could still lift without tint or vice versa if they reacted as you would know which it was
  6. blossom

    Lashbase or Lash Bomb?

    Can’t speak for lash bomb but lashbase are great lifting products, really pleased and fab results. They regularly have discount weekends too! Just had an email, today only (19th Feb) 25% off lashbase products with code LASHDAY X
  7. blossom

    Lash lift help

    Before and after photos are all you need to sell this treatment!
  8. blossom

    Indian head massage contraindications

    I have just done an accredited IHM course accepted by my insurers Salon Gold. The course covered the various contraindications although ultimately we were told to check with our insurers which contraindications they required to have a doctors note. Salon Gold have come back and said they don’t...
  9. blossom

    Microdermabrasion help!

    Microdermabrasion is one of the best things I ever started doing! I’ve had the machine almost a year now and it’s very popular. People can choose to have a Microdermabrasion treatment just to perk up the skin and as a one off. Or they can have a course which is recommended, usuallly 6 or 8...
  10. blossom

    Do I need to do beauty level 3 or just courses?

    Just be sure to check who the courses are accredited by and check your chosen insurer will accept them.
  11. blossom

    Lash lift product removal and brand suggestions

    Hiya I’ve been using Lash Base which are brilliant and priced similarly to salon system I’d say the placing of the shield and gently laying the lashes on it rather than dragging them up onto it will get you a better lift, if you can see the inside of the upper lid start to turn out, stop as the...
  12. blossom


    Hi KHS it really has hasn’t it Hope you’re well
  13. blossom

    Salon System lash lift not that great?

    Hi I’ve been doing lash lifts about 4 years, results vary depending on what you’ve got to work with obv so don’t forget online pics most probably show the wow factor results, while probably not posting the results with shorter, finer lashes which can look very different even tho the same process...
  14. blossom

    Brow lamination?

    Does anyone know if you’re insured to work on the public if you haven’t done training in lamination ... I’ve done a lash lift course and know how to use the products and it doesn’t seem far removed from that .... but normally a separate course would be needed for a different treatment. Altho you...
  15. blossom

    How long does it take you for a lash lift and tint?

    1 hour. I use Lash Base, development usually 12 mins each lotion. I offer a brow wax and tint for £10 when having a lash lift as I can do it while things are developing and is popular and takes no longer overall. I find the following things speed me up: Have everything set out and ready and...
  16. blossom

    Sticking the nail tip on to the training hand

    Try a little more pressure, and a little more time.
  17. blossom

    Acrylic first attempt

    I would advise wait for your course. There’s more to nails than banging out a shape. You need to learn about safety for yourself and the client, how to prep properly and build a nail that not only looks good with correct proportions but that will last - it’s relatively easy to “do” a nail but...
  18. blossom

    Lashes that don’t lift?

    If the lashes are coarse you can usually tell because you have trouble sticking them to the shield, because they keep springing up. With the system i use there is some flexibility with timing and with these lashes i usually leave them the maximum amount of time.
  19. blossom

    Trimming hair for waxing

    No I wouldn’t trim arm hair x
  20. blossom

    Nailtiques - where to buy?

    Thank you Noodle, I think I have an old account at Graftons