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  1. salpep


    I haven't been on here in years. But I wanted to ask if NFU OH was still in business? Iv'e been searching but can't find anything -I'm guessing they have ended, unless anyone knows any different? I love the glitters they had and the gorgeous polish bottles ...
  2. salpep


    Are we having trouble with the search button, everytime I put a keyword in it say's nothing found? :sad:
  3. salpep

    Roo Polish storage bag

    I thought I would just share this little find, as I have read quite a few threads about trying to find something to hold your polishes whilst out and about. They hold 20 at a go, so maybe you could buy a couple (which I just done) and stack them they are perfect for your Shellac, Gelish and...
  4. salpep

    Bruises on clients body

    I spray tanned one of my clients on Friday and I noticed she had lots of brusies on her body: breasts, arms, legs etc.. So I asked her had she bumped into anything as she had lots of bruises..she said no she gets them from time to time and she had recently had a big one on her stomach that had...
  5. salpep

    photo's in groups

    I have uploaded a couple of photo's to Gel Polish Lovers group, but when you click on them they send you else where. Please could you check this out Thank-you x
  6. salpep

    Repeat Nouvatan client

    Hi I have a client who has a tan once a week...great BUT she still has a lot of the old tan on when I go to respray her and I mean alot..Basically her tummy, back, top of legs and top of arms look like nothing has even worn off!! She exfoliates the day before I go to tan her but says some...
  7. salpep

    Tanning hairy men :)

    I was with a client today giving her a spray tan and she asked if next time I would spray her husband too...(no problem very nice couple) However I have never sprayed a guy before, so I have a few questions: Will the spray actually be even, if the guy is very hairy? Is it quiet wasteful in...
  8. salpep

    NFU-OH speed powder slow

    Hi there, I have been using NFU-OH clear speed powder for a little while now and to be honest I have found that it's taking longer to set than regular clear powder. It's set for me to file, it goes rubbery :irked: Has anyone has this problem with the speed or what else could it be that's...
  9. salpep

    Speed Clear Powders.. How quick?

    Hiya Having started doing a few nail art stuff, Im interested in speed clear powders. How much quicker are these speed powders? Do they really set quicker than regular clear ? :hug:
  10. salpep

    New Brush size 10

    At the moment I'm using the NSI No.8 Round Royal Precision Brush, but it's coming to the end of it's I need to find a new brush. I would like to try a slightly bigger brush a No:10 NSI don't do a 10, so if anyone could reccomended a size 10 and what you like about it..that would be...
  11. salpep

    Bellissima Bella Forma

    Anyone using this product? I thought I would give the gel nails ago, as I'd quite like to offer this as a treatment also. Now i had ago tonight and have to say it was lovely. I popped a form on as my nails are always kept short under my acrylics...but seeing as Im using the hybrid polishes..I'd...
  12. salpep

    Acetone in small bottles

    Im looking for some small empty plastic bottles that will hold acetone, I have tried a few now but they are not holding up. I only need small bottles that hold about 30mls, anyone know where I could find some? I'd rather plastic not glass though. Thank-you :hug: x
  13. salpep

    Insurance for my arm?

    lol ok ok I know it sound very strange..but I was thinking if something happened to my right arm/hand I would not be able to do nails ever again! Sooooooooo I was wondering does anyone else have insurance for thier arm or hand lol If so who is it your insured with :lol: :hug:
  14. salpep

    What is your weak point?

    I was thinking tonight whilst doing my nails...that I always seem to struggle on the right hand side of doing L&P nails..I do the left fine but I always find that on the right I have missed a tiny bit by the cuticle and have to go back at the end and fill the tiny bit I missed :irked: Sooooo...
  15. salpep

    Nail Art Netting

    I'm looking for the type of netting for nail art, you know the type you press in the acrylic and tada we have a pattern :green: Just not finding it anywhere..sooooooooooo if any of you lovely people know's a short cut to any site that sells it I would be grateful Thanks guys :hug:
  16. salpep

    Self Heating mask's?

    I'm trying to find some self heating mask's for my mani's and pedi's I want them so when I put the clients hands or feet in the liners they warm up , saving me using hot towels Any idea's? :hug:
  17. salpep

    Rich to be a Nail Technician?

    Do you have to be rich to be a nail tech? Over the last few weeks I have read quite a few threads/posts about training etc people saying “ooh I can’t afford to go with them” Now thinking on this many nail techs wanting training say they can’t afford good training and go with a lesser company...
  18. salpep

    Formaldehyde confused

    Right as I understand it formaldehyde is a gas and has nothing to do with nails? But the form of formaldehyde we use in nail harders etc is formalin? So if I have got my facts right, why then does it have on polish/nail harders etc formaldehyde free and not formalin free? Or am I missing...
  19. salpep

    2 fingers lifting

    I have a new client which I saw last week and she has L&P over white tips. Now when we was talking she said in passing that she had her nails done before in spain and on the way back to the UK 2 had come off and put it down to bad tech/prep/product Anyway she rang me other day and said one...
  20. salpep

    Clipping smile lines

    I read a post on here about the some like to file and redo smile lines, whilst other clip the smile line and re-sculpt. Now Im just learning to sculpt and I struggle like mad doing the smile lines first, so I do the reverse method and works a treat. Now when it came to doing...