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    Online booking systems

    yes I should have seen the writing on the wall. I feel stupid now. It WAS such a great product, now I don't like they have changed it. the changes dont suit my needs.
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    Complete newbie, things you wish you'd known when starting out?

    It appears that a lot of the features (that I loved) have now changed. I have contacted Shedul but their customer service dept is not responding. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE SHEDUL. I don't know if I will continue using it as it now lacks a lot of the features that were important to me. Please take...
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    Mobile nails/home salon

    It appears a lot of the features have now been changed. I don't like the changes, they are not suited to my needs. Customer service is not responding to my emails either. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE
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    Online booking systems

    I am having some issues with Shedul and no one from customer service is getting back to me. They used to have great support, but now it appears NOT It appears that a lot of the features (that I loved) have now changed. I have contacted Shedul but their customer service dept is not responding...
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    Appointment app

    I no longer support Shedul/Fresha. They have made changes to some of the features and their customer service dept is not responding to my emails.
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    How do you deal with no shows?

    Ok so I have discovered that Shedul/Fresha have made some changes to their system. I do not recommend this anymore due to the changes they have made are no longer suited for my business. They have taken away the option to have your own personalised reminder sent. Now its generic with the words...
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    Polish labeling

    I have over 400 gel polish swatches. I paint on the underside of the swatch. I have had these painted for over 5 years and they are still going strong, no need to replace. Do you store yours in direct sunlight?
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    Beauty licence for nails only

    If that is what the council is asking for then comply. These are not difficult things to implement or produce. If others don't that's their problem and they will have to deal with the consequences should they arrive. Yes, It is annoying when others don't comply but try not to get caught up in...
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    Shedul client group message

    Hi. I have been using Shedul for a year now, before Fresha came along. I thought there was an option where you could send a group message to your clients. I thought by sms but I could be wrong, it might have been email only. For example a Christmas message, details of specials. I thought you...
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    Maybe search using the correct spelling. It's spelt SHEDUL, no letter C in there.
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    No waiting room

    If you make allowances now they will expect this always. Ask yourself if you wish to continue with this arrangement once you have more bookings/clients.
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    How do you deal with no shows?

    I must have jinxed myself! I had 2 auto reminder sms go out that day, neither replied [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15] So I found myself at 6.30pm having to message them. They are both long term clients and this is the only reason I messaged them. Both apologised and confirmed they would be at...
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    Dealing with negative comments

    Delete her comment and move on.
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    Moving from Shellac to a longer lasting gel polish

    Do you have a stockists in Australia or are we able to get it shipped to us directly?
  15. Bel's Gels

    Nail dryness from gel polish removal

    OPI Expert Touch is a great remover for soak off gels. The remover itself should not cause long term damage but the nail and skin will look white and dehydrated, easily fixed by apply cuticle oil. Any marks on the nail after this would be damage caused in the removal process. If this is...
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    Working from home and not advertising full address online

    Same as above. I only include my suburb and advise clients they will get the address when they get their 24hr reminder sms.
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    Refund for wax gone wrong

    I had this happen to me once, I was the client. I can't say I blame her for not wanting to take you up on the free offer. Mine was painful and took a while to heal, I did not want to go back and have it redone by the same salon and risk it happening again. I would refund the whole amount as a...
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    How do you deal with no shows?

    I don't take a booking fee but my business is quite small. What I have always done is send a reminder sms 24hours prior to appt reminding them of the appointment but more importantly asking them to reply YES via sms and if not received then their appointment will be cancelled. This has worked...
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    Client no show

    Agree. No use trying to act professional when the wording is wrong. Especially if it's to do with terms & conditions and taking money from people.
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    Training advice

    Applying L&P is totally different to gel and therefore different training will be required. Without the specific training you won't be covered under insurance for those services. I am Australian and the course I did was at a registered training college and was not brand specific. Once I had...