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  1. Danielle0904

    Best SPMU training

    Hi geeks I'm sure there are lots of threads on this but my search option never seems to work so if anyone can post links to the threads that would b great I just wondered who is the best when if comes to training, products etc in semi perm make up This decision is clearly very important due...
  2. Danielle0904

    Gel 2 - colour swatches

    I've searched for both , it was the reactions , purples and pinks I was after mainly
  3. Danielle0904

    Gelish red & purple?

    Queen of hearts and good gossip are gorgeous reds and purples night reflection or the new "call me jill frost"
  4. Danielle0904

    Gel 2 - colour swatches

    Hi everyone I haven't been on here for a while but I just keep seeing gel 2 everywhere and finally decided I have to purchase , I just wondered if there are any threads on here full of swatches to help me decide on colours to buy I did search but keeps on coming up "no results" :( Thanks
  5. Danielle0904

    Weekend lashes

    Hi Geeks I tried searching but only found one thread similar to this which had no replies :sad: I was hoping to train in weekend lashes but wanted a decent reputable company to train with, so I was hoping to get some recommendations thanks
  6. Danielle0904

    Clients cancelling!

    couldn't resist posting as I have been really down lately due to cancelations, mainly from potential new clients (which I desperately need) I am fairly new and didn't expect this during the so-called ''busy'' period and the most upsetting thing is they never call back at a later date and rebook...
  7. Danielle0904

    OPI gel lilac comparisons

    great thanks geeks :) x OK I am about to press order for: do u lilac it your such a Budapest as mentioned about the dreaded FADERS, do these fall into this category from your experience??
  8. Danielle0904

    OPI gel lilac comparisons

    Hi Geeks After a long unsuccessful wait for a decent lilac from gelish I have finally given up and have decided to purchase from the opi gel colour range after noticing they do not one but 3 gorgeous lilac colours :D however do any of you OPI Geeks have comparison swatches or at least...
  9. Danielle0904

    White patches that won't tan

    I have this fungal infection at the moment so it happens to me :( I got some lotion prescribed from the docs so hopefully I'll have a perfect tan soon :)
  10. Danielle0904

    Deleted of Facebook

    Oh no :( Thanks anyway guys xx
  11. Danielle0904

    Deleted of Facebook

    Hi geeks My salon owner was trying to add me on as an admin to her FB page and accidentally deleted herself so now the page has no admins and we don't know how to get her back on Can anyone help ? Thanks x
  12. Danielle0904

    Is it too early to call it a day?

    It's defo too soon hun I have been in salon since November and it's only been the last couple of months that things have started looking up mainly due to some offers I put on which attracted then to book and now they are regulars :)
  13. Danielle0904

    Best threading course

    Can anyone help
  14. Danielle0904

    Best threading course

    Hi Geeks who would you say was best to train with for threading I live in Merseyside/Cheshire area thanks x
  15. Danielle0904

    Gelish 'Just for You II' collection

    Not impressed either, can't Believe how many colours they have and still no true lilac :(
  16. Danielle0904

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Haven't posted in a while , been having nail tech block LOL Every time I changed them I didn't like it , I am still liking these though and I am on day 3 now so fingers crossed the phase has passed
  17. Danielle0904

    Warning clients of L&P times?

    I have literally just done the same thing and finally took the plunge a month ago, I did a ridiculous offer and warned people it could take up to 3 hours as I haven't done many and they were all fine about it :)
  18. Danielle0904

    Providing services in offices?

    Hi Geeks I am hoping to make a nail day I did recently at my friends office more regular and as so many have said its such a good idea, I would love to try and get into more businesses offering the same thing basically I go in and do gelish nails for the ladies and they take it as their...
  19. Danielle0904

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Are they the new additives ?
  20. Danielle0904

    Gelish trends turquoise?

    This is it