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    Clients using social media for appointments?

    Bit of rant (as per) Does anyone else get clients messaging constantly on social media for appointments? Im getting really really really sick of it. I get it every single day, yes im so grateful for the custom but am i not allowed switch off time? I do come from an era before mobile phones...
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    Is it time for a change?

    Having worked in a salon environment for a very long time and being self employed for around 7 years, im getting itchy feet. Im contemplating a move to a counter job, anyone got any experience in this area?
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    Career change?

    Thinking of a possible change from therapist to beauty counter girl, have been in the beauty industry a long long time and want a change, anyone worked on the counters?
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    Weight Watchers Smartpoints

    Anyone tried the new weight watchers yet? I'm going to start this week
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    St Tropez DHA percentage

    Does anyone happen to know the percentage of the classic and dark mists please?
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    Skinbase Perks

    Has anyone else has the text messages about skinbase perks? I had several but I dont actually know how it works. Can anyone help?
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    Jane Iredale - bit of a rant

    A bit long winded but here goes..... After being let down by Art Deco I looked into other make up ranges and took Jane Iredale on a few months back. I was assigned an account manager got on really well with her I have to say, anyway the first mishap was they lost my opening order and the account...
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    Anyone else looking forward to the Easter break?

    Is anyone else looking forward to the easter break because i know i am! Working late night tomorrow and good friday then off saturday (hhhhhalllelujah) sunday, monday and tuesday!!!!! Cannot wait! First break since December
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    Treatments and products from back in the day thread

    I have decided to start this thread just for a bit of fun really. Its to reminisce from years gone by treatments and products that were the in thing. So, for me starting out as a 15 year old saturday girl in 1997 the salon i worked in we had toning tables, i thought these were immense state of...
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    Jane Iredale hashtag amazeballs!

    Omg i am sooooooooooooo impressed with this company. Fantastic meeting yesterday with Cheryl. Getting the make up the first week of March. I cannot wait. Thanks to all fellow geeks for the recommendation :lick:
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    Anybody experienced Skinbreeze?

    Hi i was looking into upgrading my microdermabrasion machine so i have had skinbreeze in to do a demo. Now the costing shocked me, no option to purchase the machine and you pay monthly in blocks of time but you have to pay each month regardless of what you use. For example, bare minimum you have...
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    Jane Iredale Geeks

    Finally bit the bullet and have got a rep coming to see me about the range next week. Any words of wisdom from fellow geeks that know the range
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    Moira's hair, Emmerdale

    Seriously whos cut it like that stevie wonder?????
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    Anyone else gone quiet this week?

    After months of being more or less full everyday all of a sudden today i have had 4 clients in and taken less than 100 pound! I worry whenever it goes like this then i think to the 12 hour days fully booked no breaks no food no drinks not even time for a wee! I wonder do i "make the most" of it...
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    Dermalogica want another opening order

    Hi all, looking at opening a second salon and maybe ive been a bit stupid but i did not expect dermalogica to tell me i need to open a second account as its a second business which means another opening order! I simply cant afford to do it. Has anyone else been told this or had to do this?
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    Beauty Therapist needed

    Full time therapist required for Durham City salon 5 years experience preferred Dermalogica, Gelish, OPI trained all advantageous Please message for further info Thanks for reading
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    Staff rant!

    Hi all, please tell me if im out of order here but today i inteviewed someone for a full time therapist role. She was full of attitude! She hit me with a few facts, she does not do eyelash extensions or nail extensions as she "doesnt believe in them", she doesnt like dermalogica, she wont do...
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    Anyone else had issues with artdeco ordering/customer service

    Not having a great time with this company, love the make up but im finding the customer service dreadful, does anyone else find this?
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    Art Deco set up costs

    I know art deco dont have a minimum start up but do you reckon i can get a package together for say £200 just to get me started?
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    The Gelish 18g lamp

    Well its ordered!!!!! so excited for it to arrive!