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  1. J

    Which glitter brand?

    Just getting back into the industry and starting to stock up! Looking at glitters-lecente, magpie or nail tech network? No idea! ‍♀️‍♀️
  2. J

    Salon Services hot stone training

    Has anyone done this training at all? Looking to book as vat free if booked this month. Tia
  3. J

    Spa Find products

    Has anyone used these before? Just had a sample pack arrive and they smell amazing! Trying to decide between these and eve Taylor!
  4. J

    Mortgage company said “no”

    Had set my hopes on opening my own home salon. Just wanted to do a couple of days a week in school hours as my daughter starts school but the mortgage company don’t allow it. Anyone else had this issue?
  5. J

    Hot stone training

    Hello! I am looking to set up my own home salon after a break from the industry. I want to get trained in hot stone massage. Can anyone recommend a training course that they have done? Thank you,
  6. J

    Thinking of setting up a room at home

    I have been out of the industry for a few years but am thinking of setting up a room at home when my daughter starts school next year. In terms of facials-do you need to sign up with a skin care company officially to offer them of can you just use their products?! Thank you!