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  1. Mrs Geek

    Is having a freaking awesome day!!!

    Is having a freaking awesome day!!!
  2. Mrs Geek

    Discontinued Shellac shades-2017

    Never assume doll... always ask. I'll check on this tomorrow. [emoji106]
  3. Mrs Geek

    CND Shellac training with S2

    Good for you Daisy!! Pro decision and one you will be SO HAPPY you did!!! L&R ❤️
  4. Mrs Geek

    UK distributors please

    Gemma that would be us - Sweet Squared. We have locations in Leeds (HQ), Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin. We also supply 2 distributor partners Ellisons and the Creative Academy Manchester run by Julia Moran. We supply Ellisons with natural nail service products only... CND Spa, Shellac, polish...
  5. Mrs Geek

    Anyone who has done CND Shellac beginners?

    Glad you enjoyed it SkyRocket.... now reach for the stars!!!! (couldn't resist with that name),,,,
  6. Mrs Geek

    Gym tomorrow AM. Sleep.

    Gym tomorrow AM. Sleep.
  7. Mrs Geek

    Gel Bottle question

    LMAO [emoji23] I just googled them. Look in my experience (which sadly at this point is considerable [emoji14]) you need to not only be looking at a brands strengths and weaknesses, but also what is the company itself doing for its customers - is YOU? There are so many who will sell you...
  8. Mrs Geek

    Why am I still up????

    Why am I still up????
  9. Mrs Geek

    Anyone who has done CND Shellac beginners?

    Where are you doing your course?
  10. Mrs Geek

    CND Shellac being sold apart from Sweet Squared?

    I have no idea what TJ Hughes is, but it is NOT US who are selling. There is a huge influx of fakes right now and guess where they are all ending up. You're right how can they sell it so cheap.... there is a reason right? Maybe it's because it is NOT CND Shellac. We are working very hard on this...
  11. Mrs Geek

    Which is better-CJP or Acrylink?

    Heidi where did you do your training? When you say practise on what you wanted... was that coatings etc... the foundation course has a total 5/6 day route that all CND EA's follow to a T. Just interested because the above doesn't sound like us?
  12. Mrs Geek

    OPI trade account, retail and pro spa

    Good grief. I'm going to be seriously cheeky here... but we get back to you ASAP and we proudly serve the pro... we'd be delighted to help you and your business!!! Love & Respect
  13. Mrs Geek

    CND Shellac training with S2

    Daisy do the 2 day course. It's 2 days and you will be so glad you did it 'right... from the start'. We're here to help. To all you other lovely ladies with great comments... thank you [emoji173]️[emoji120] Love & Respect
  14. Mrs Geek

    Discontinued Shellac shades-2017

    lol I'll take a bow for the VIP's... we fought long and hard for those back again.
  15. Mrs Geek

    Discontinued Shellac shades-2017

    Where on earth did this list come from??? I'm just not sure how everyone is copying a list and taking it as verbatim when there is no word from us to ok this or not? The USA discontinue things sure, but we also have a great stock so it may be that you won't see a discontinued colour for a...
  16. Mrs Geek

    Calgel top coat

    Welcome back after 5 years. Have you looked at any of your industry magazines like Scratch? This and social media will of course tell you plenty. Clients who 'want cheap' don't care what you use. Question is... do you want to just go cheap clients or... do you want to do great work, use great...
  17. Mrs Geek

    Client keeps sticking gel nail back on with glue!

    It's not being horrible JoJo it's business. If she texts in regards to adding another week, Simply say "sure... just as long as you are aware that it will be the cost of a full set!!! I simply can't spend the time it takes me for a 4 week rebalance and charge for a two week rebalance...
  18. Mrs Geek

    Gel Bottle question

    Stevie are you saying there is a brand called Gel bottle? I'm confused?
  19. Mrs Geek

    CND quality going downhill

    I can't speak for Canada sadly but we represent CND in the UK and I agree 100% on the files EXCEPT - they have (as in the international team) have assured me they have moved supplier as WE ALL complained. As to LED we get a percentage extra to take care of ones that 'go'. Here it's a situation...
  20. Mrs Geek

    Best acrylic & gel brands?

    Hay Bakersfield Cali - do you have your licensee yet? Most stores in the US will need the liscence but you reside in the home of L&P to some of the top brands in the world - CND being one. Check out your wholesalers and see what deals they may have. It works very differently here in the UK as...