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  1. Danielle0904

    Best SPMU training

    Hi geeks I'm sure there are lots of threads on this but my search option never seems to work so if anyone can post links to the threads that would b great I just wondered who is the best when if comes to training, products etc in semi perm make up This decision is clearly very important due...
  2. Danielle0904

    Gel 2 - colour swatches

    Hi everyone I haven't been on here for a while but I just keep seeing gel 2 everywhere and finally decided I have to purchase , I just wondered if there are any threads on here full of swatches to help me decide on colours to buy I did search but keeps on coming up "no results" :( Thanks
  3. Danielle0904

    Weekend lashes

    Hi Geeks I tried searching but only found one thread similar to this which had no replies :sad: I was hoping to train in weekend lashes but wanted a decent reputable company to train with, so I was hoping to get some recommendations thanks
  4. Danielle0904

    OPI gel lilac comparisons

    Hi Geeks After a long unsuccessful wait for a decent lilac from gelish I have finally given up and have decided to purchase from the opi gel colour range after noticing they do not one but 3 gorgeous lilac colours :D however do any of you OPI Geeks have comparison swatches or at least...
  5. Danielle0904

    Deleted of Facebook

    Hi geeks My salon owner was trying to add me on as an admin to her FB page and accidentally deleted herself so now the page has no admins and we don't know how to get her back on Can anyone help ? Thanks x
  6. Danielle0904

    Best threading course

    Hi Geeks who would you say was best to train with for threading I live in Merseyside/Cheshire area thanks x
  7. Danielle0904

    Providing services in offices?

    Hi Geeks I am hoping to make a nail day I did recently at my friends office more regular and as so many have said its such a good idea, I would love to try and get into more businesses offering the same thing basically I go in and do gelish nails for the ladies and they take it as their...
  8. Danielle0904

    Reverse application

    hi geeks is reverse application considered an advanced technique by all brands? I have just completed sculpting level 1 with crystal nails and level 2 is reverse technique however I am sure I have read on various forums people actually say this technique is actually easier so I am confused...
  9. Danielle0904

    Gelish problem

    Hi Geeks after finally getting to a level I am happy with with my gelish application on clients and feeling very confident, I was frustrated on Saturday when all 3 of my applications had the most bizarre separating effect I painted the nails and when I looked back after completing all nails...
  10. Danielle0904

    Not doing as well as hoped

    Hi Geeks I am currently renting a space in a salon (commission only luckily) and I don't know if the number of clients done so far is good/fair or bad in 12 weeks I have done 17 sets of gel polish & 3 removals now I am relying on the owner to get me these bookings as I already been there...
  11. Danielle0904

    Renting space help

    Hi Geeks I work from home and rent a space (commission basis) in a salon, its still very early days for me so not too much going on I had a bit of a dilemma over the weekend, I had a new client come to me last week, and as we were chatting she mentioned she owned a hair salon and I asked if...
  12. Danielle0904

    Facebook ''boosts''

    Hi Geeks does anyone use the ''boost post'' option much on facebook and if so do you get much from it? thanks
  13. Danielle0904

    Help with my ''oily nail'' new client

    Hi Geeks I have a new client coming for a gelish manicure on Saturday after a discussion yesterday about her challenging nails basically she said anything she has had on her nails has just come off quite quickly and after explaining this to a previous tech she said she could have oily nail...
  14. Danielle0904


    Hi Geeks as a self employed person, what do you class as profit?? is this everything after product cost?? e.g treatment cost £20 - product cost £2 = profit £18 or is an hourly rates taken off too? this was brought to my attention yesterday when the girl in the hair salon I rent space in...
  15. Danielle0904

    Facebook rating

    Hi Geeks anyone know how the facebook rating works? I had one review with a 5 star rating, however the stars underneath my facebook name was only 4 so have been confused for a while how this could be, I just accidentally hovered over the stars and a rating box came up saying 7 ratings , one...
  16. Danielle0904


    Hi geeks It's been so long now I've been hearing word of mouth is best form of advertisement , however I have been going now since September (snail pace slow) and never had one recommendation despite the clients I have done been extremely happy with their nails and i know for a fact they have...
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  18. Danielle0904

    Children's prices

    Hi geeks Just had a thought today whilst doing 2 children's nails gel polish (under mothers supervision ) Should I b charging less for a child? What do u all do?
  19. Danielle0904

    Timings breakdown

    Hi Geeks I have done quite a few sets now as a newbie and I am feeling confident with my application now enough to try and focus on reducing my timings, mainly because an opportunity has come up where I can visit my friends work place every 3-4 weeks as the ladies want to become regulars...
  20. Danielle0904

    Spray tan practice

    Hi Geeks just wondered if you can help I would love to add spray tan to my services but I am just trying to slot the training etc into my schedule and would like to know if it takes much practise before feeling confident to do a client, as a nail tech most things I learned took a LOT of...