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    Finally chosen!!

    After ages and ages of trying to decide who Go with, Ezflow or Creative:confused: . I have finally decided to save up all my pennies and go with creative. Can't wait to have enough money to book a course. I'm so excited thought i'd share my excitement with you Yippppeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :biggrin:
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    I got my first blue star!

    Hey everyone, I only found this site a few days ago and i thought i'd share the news that i got my first blue star. I already love it here, im hooked!! Already i Have had so much help and found so much advice. Thanx fellow geeks xxx
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    Who to train with!

    Hi All, Don't anyone shout at me because i know alot of you are creative trained on here... But i am only 18 (still a little girl) and there courses are FAR to expensive for me at the moment. So iv looked and i have no idea who to train with. I was thinking about EZFlow but they dont do a course...
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    All confused...

    Hey everyone this is my first post as i am a new member.:cool: I am all confused, I've just finished my beauty therapy course and next i want to do nails... But what course to do when it comes to nails. I have the choice to do an ITEC nail technician diploma at a local college. But i've seen...