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  1. xEmmax

    CND Shellac Top Coat Xpress 5 vs original top coat?

    I've been wearing the new top cost for 2 & a half weeks, since the event. I was slightly concerned that the quicker soak off time would mean I'd have to redo my nails much quicker. I've got no scientific proof of this but I think it may be slightly more hard wearing. This is only my opinion...
  2. xEmmax

    Best cuticle pusher and curette?

    I love the OPI cuticle pusher x
  3. xEmmax

    CND Shellac problems-please help!

    I also generally do a dry pep. My clients are pretty good at aftercare which obviously helps. But I also use the OPI cuticle pusher and it is amazing. I've tried a few different ones but always go back to that xx
  4. xEmmax

    Shellac glitters?

    We can't put trade prices on forum, I'll pm you x
  5. xEmmax

    Shellac glitters?

    The cnd ones will be additives, although I think the glitter ones are all limited edition. The other ones will be lecente glitter which you can find on sweet squared. Hope that helps x
  6. xEmmax

    How do I contact CND direct?

    Same here, I've been trying to log on for weeks with no luck x
  7. xEmmax

    Mobile must haves

    As boring as it sounds an extension lead and daylight lamp will be worth there weight in gold!! Good luck x
  8. xEmmax

    Who uses d-Solve instead of Nourishing Remover

    I use both and like both, but if I'm honest tend to buy dsolve more because it's cheaper!
  9. xEmmax

    CND discontinued products for 2014

    Silver and gold VIP are in stock at sweet squared at the moment x
  10. xEmmax

    Kaydee cosmetics?

    No, they're not authorised shellac stockists x
  11. xEmmax

    Best cuticle nippers?

    I have some OPI ones that I got as part of a kit from a course I did about 5 years ago. They're great and still going strong x
  12. xEmmax

    Mobile essentials

    An extension lead and a daylight lamp are worth there weight in gold! X
  13. xEmmax

    Shellac-popular summer colours?

    I've never had a problem with it. Only ever used 2 coats & I've always just done a normal shake! X
  14. xEmmax

    Shellac-popular summer colours?

    Lobster is massively popular for me. It's quite a nice spring colour too. I've used it a lot the last couple of weeks. x
  15. xEmmax

    IBX heat source for a mobile tech?

    I use a minx lamp x
  16. xEmmax

    Roo glamour session bag

    I've just ordered the glamour bag and rucksack. I've been really struggling with the weight of my big mobile bag when it's got everything in it. I'm hoping these two bags might be the answer!
  17. xEmmax

    Shellac Paradise Collection - help!

    Tango passion and sultry sunset have been really popular for me already. I don't think the others will be until the sun comes out! Hth x
  18. xEmmax

    What's the best gel and acrylic training?

    I second that. I'm in bristol and travelled to Cheltenham for my cnd training with Kate Taylor.
  19. xEmmax

    Do you work on a Saturday if you're NOT salon based?

    I'm mobile and until recently rarely worked Saturdays but only because I was never asked. I now work Saturday mornings and it generally works out alternate ones so I kind of get the best of both worlds. I used to sometimes work Sundays but unless I'm going away the next week or it's Christmas...
  20. xEmmax

    Which training course - Bristol

    You can train with OPI in hanham or I travel to Cheltenham for cnd courses. Good luck x