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    Spa Hygiene

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where i can get regulations for Salon Spa Hygiene? I am doing an assignment for college and have to state regulations for cleaning spa baths, vichy showers & tables, floors, walls, normal showers and scoth hoses ;-( I cannot find anything anywhere. Hope someone can...
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    To do or not to do?? Wet to Straight!

    Hi Geeks I just wanted some opinions on wet to straight irons. I was taught that they are extremely bad for your hair however don't know how factual this is? Thanks
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    P+W's with custom blend

    Hay geeks I'm still not too hot on searching this site so forgive me if this has been asked before. Could anyone give me an outline as to how hey do a set of french L+P's with custom blend? Do you do reverse application? Also how long do you allow for a full set? If anyone knows of a...
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    Hay Guys, Does anyone know of any really good cutting dvd's? and where to ordert hem from? Thanks
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    Can Anyone Help?

    Hi Geeks, Can anyone explain to me what percutaneous absorbtion is please? My text book is SOOOO confusing :irked: you would think i was doing a medical degree the way it is written x Thanks
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    Kamisori Scissors

    Hi Guys, Has anyone used kamisori scissors? if so what did you think of them and can you recommend any other brands as i really want a new pair. Thanks
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    Advise on colour range

    Hi Geeks, Hope everyone is OK, I have just moved to a new salon that currently uses Keune products and havent really had anything to do with them before hand. Has anyone here used/heard o it and if so what are your thoughts/advise on it. Thanks xx
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    Please help ;-(

    Hi Geeks, I really hope someone can help me as i am doing an assignment that needs to be in tomorrow, and I have to write at least 150 words on each of the basic muscle functions; Movement Tone/Posture Joint Stability Heat production I am really really stuck as the library was out of...
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    Hi Guys, I'm still a bit new when it comes to navigating my way around this site so forgive me if i am asking what has been asked a thousand times but here i go; i have just been looking into PopIts and they seem like a fantastic idea and are not something i have ever come across in...
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    Help Please

    Hi Guys, I have just been given an assinment for the A+P part of my beauty course and it's on the muscular system. We cover it slightly in our learning guides given to us by the college but does anyone know of any really good books, websites or software that i could use for this part of my...
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    Please Help with my lifting problems.

    Hi guys, i'm really new to this site and really hope someone can help me. I have been doing nails on and off for about 5 years but have only just (in the last twelve months) been doing them regularly at work. All has been fine until recently when a lot of my clients have mentioned lifting. i...
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    Hi Guys, I'm just looking for a bit of inspiration when it comes to fashion colours and cuts at the moment as it's all getting a bit boring over here. I thought i would ask you guys as Australia seems to be about 6 months behind the uk. Thought it would be good to give my clients some new up...