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  1. Nail Chick

    Acetone Poisoning??

    Has anyone heard of this? I've done a quick search on here but haven't found anything. A nail tech at a local hairdresser's was telling me she'd heard of someone in America who had frequently soaked off her extensions/enhancements with acetone which had damaged her liver. Pretty scary if...
  2. Nail Chick

    Follow-up calls

    Does anyone do follow-up calls to clients? I can't decide whether this would be a nice courteous gesture or whether I'd come across as just being pushy. Would I be leaving myself open to offering to sort out all sort of little niggles the client might think is wrong? I'd appreciate any...
  3. Nail Chick

    Resin and glue - what's the difference??

    I'm a bit baffled - are Resin and Glue the same product?? I asked someone at the wholesalers who seemed to think they were, but reading through some threads I'm now not sure. Can anyone help?
  4. Nail Chick

    Flagging threads

    Is there a way to 'flag' a thread so you can follow it even if you haven't subscribed? I've done a search but don't really know how to ask for what I'm looking for and I've had a quick look down the forum but the pages are endless!! Sometimes I'm really interested in what's being discussed...
  5. Nail Chick

    Clammy hands

    Did a set of sculptures this morning - unfortunately the lady had very clammy hands and no matter how I tried I couldn't get the disposable forms to stick to her fingers!! She had hardly any free edge and was definite that she wanted sculptures and not tips.:eek: Eventually I did manage to...
  6. Nail Chick

    Bio Nail Art Course

    Hi Bio Techs I'm thinking of going on the Bio Sculpture nail art course. Has anyone else done this? Was it any good and worth the money?? Thanks
  7. Nail Chick

    Website - finally finished!!

    My website's finally 'live' as they say. Wish I could say it was all my own work but that would be lying. I'd love to know what you think. Hopefully the business will start to just roll in - I can at least dream!!!:p :p :p
  8. Nail Chick

    Eyebrow Waxing

    Hi I've been reading a lot of waxing threads - I was under the impression that eyebrow waxing was a no-no because the skin around the eye is so thin and delicate. Haven't done my waxing course yet, but I'm sure I've been told that in a couple of salons. Tracey :confused: