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  1. cabinkel

    Couch help!

    Evening all. Iv just found out today that the company I placed an order with at professional beauty excel are unable to fulfill my order in less than5 weeks from now, and I need them in 2 weeks, (as discussed when my deposit taken) !!! Can anyone recommend anywhere RELIABLE that can supply 3...
  2. cabinkel

    Lash glue emergency-Essex

    thank you, drama averted. A lovely kind fellow lasher came to my rescue and has given me some. Nightmare, but lesson learnt, check my stock/spare bottle for cracks in the future lol x
  3. cabinkel

    Lash glue emergency-Essex

    Morning all. Does anyone know of anywhere in Essex that I can buy good lash adhesive from? My order will-not arrive until wednesday, and, I have a lash glue emergency, and need adhesive by tomorrow morning. I am clutching at straws I'm sure but am desperate? Anyone know anywhere? Thank you
  4. cabinkel

    Experienced part time beauty therapist required

    We are looking for an enthusiastic, passionate level 3 beauty therapist to join our team. Experience and professionalism are a MUST, and good experience in skincare an advantage Hours are fairly negotiable, but at least one evening finish of 9pm will be required Please email your cv with a...
  5. cabinkel

    Re: staff member issue

    This is how one of my therapists work, and I find it works well. I have however been warned that my therapists could claim that they are employed, due to the fact I set their hours, pay product cost ect,so could be entitled to holiday pay etc. For me, i prefer my therapists employed, but having...
  6. cabinkel

    Part Time Beauty Therapist reqd - Essex

    I am looking for a part time beauty therapist, to work 2 days a week, and ideally cover holidays. We are based in Corringham. I am happy to consider recently qualified level 3 therapists too, as training can be given. Must be motivated, professional and passionate about the beauty industry...
  7. cabinkel

    What is your Salon Twitter?

    my twitter account is @SassyLashesKel xxx
  8. cabinkel

    Which microdermabrasion machine to buy?

    Crystal clear for me to. Its a fab treatment
  9. cabinkel

    Hi there, thanks so much for your kind comments on my lash pictures xxx

    Hi there, thanks so much for your kind comments on my lash pictures xxx
  10. cabinkel

    Hi... I'm Tinxy and I'm one of the "horrid" one day coursers! :)

    just as a point of interest, when I was leaving school, many moons ago lol, I also saw the reverse of this stereotype. I was deemed to be "bright" at school, and when I had my careers talk at school with the Head, I expressed that I would like to work on the cruise ships, providing beauty...
  11. cabinkel

    Hi... I'm Tinxy and I'm one of the "horrid" one day coursers! :)

    I totally agree with this, (apart from the last bit, I do not think Im better, but I do think my qualifications are more industry recognised, be it right or wrong) Unfortunately, like in most industry's, money talks. If people are willing to pay for accreditation of courses, the accreditation...
  12. cabinkel

    Hi... I'm Tinxy and I'm one of the "horrid" one day coursers! :)

    I have found this thread very interesting, from various points of view! As a salon owner, I am often interviewing for staff. The first point of application for potential staff members is a cv. Now, while it wouldnt totally put me off a candidate if they had only done 1 day courses, I will be...
  13. cabinkel

    What skincare brand to go for

    We have Eve Taylor and Environ in our salon. Eve Taylor is fab and clients love it. I have quite a big Environ following too, but, I have a few issues with them that means I am looking into other cosmecuticle ranges at the moment. I am looking at md formulations and priori as possibilities. I...
  14. cabinkel

    thanks for the threading course suggestion. xxxx

    thanks for the threading course suggestion. xxxx
  15. cabinkel

    Fake Bake - positive experience?

    Blimey, not sounding great is it lol How dissapointing. The products are great, but it would seem they just cant get it together on the service side! I dont understand it at all. They are a big company are they not? Do the reps ever say what the problem is?
  16. cabinkel

    Fake Bake - positive experience?

    Thanks so much for your input, much appreciated xxx
  17. cabinkel

    Fake Bake - positive experience?

    Hi geeks, just wanting a little bit of input here really. I have read a lot of the posts re Fake Bake and poor service, but it seems most were from a while back. Has it improved? I am opening a new salon, and this was a company I was looking at, but im not sure if Iv just been unlucky, but...
  18. cabinkel

    LVL lashes

    Hi there, i do LVL lashes and think its a great treatment. Im a lash+brows salon, so clients who have the Hd Brows, but not wanting lash extensions are great LVL clients. i love the result xx
  19. cabinkel

    Threading Course - Essex area??

    That sounds fab! Thank you xxx
  20. cabinkel

    Threading Course - Essex area??

    Thanks Noodle. I will have a look xx