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  1. St311ar

    Has anyone seen nail polish that does this?

    These are my clients toes after 3 weeks. The color has FADED~not rubbed off. The faded, almost see-through spots appeared on almost every toe but the big toes were more obvious. I used OPI "Dating a Royal," CND Sticky base coat and Seche Vite top coat. The top coat is still shiny but it's like...
  2. St311ar

    Your Favorite French Manicure

    I'd like to see some pictures of your most favorite French manicure that you have done to date. All systems welcome:) I use Bio Sculpture gel mainly so here is my favorite set of NNO French gels using #87 and #3 with a touch of glitter on the ring finger only...
  3. St311ar

    Looking for gel wrap off tips...

    Hi Chicks! I was hoping to get some feedback and ideas from you on ways you wrap off your gels. I use bio sculpture gel and wrap off the gel every time. When I wrap off I use a drop of solar oil first before applying the soak off cotton on the nail plate only then wrap in foil:) What is...
  4. St311ar

    Clients wearing gloves inside UV lamps?

    I had a client come in today and tell me that the Happy Nails (discount nail place) she took her daughter to gave her daughter cotton gloves to wear while doing her gel service. She said they had finger holes cut out so they could apply the gel but so her hand wasn't exposed to the UV. The...
  5. St311ar

    Snakeskin Mani/Pedi~What do you think?

    What is your opinion on the newest craze, snakeskin gel nails? Techs actually embed real shed snakeskin into gel and then paint over it to accentuate the texture and pattern of the shed skin. There is also a faux version using mimic mesh material which looks almost identical. The service is...
  6. St311ar

    Gelish color, can anyone identify?

    I just saw a lady at the store today who had on a gorgeous color on her nails. She said it was Gelish. She told me the name but I forgot it! I want to order it and i have been looking at the website but none of them look like hers. I know computer images skew colors...It is a dusty dark grey...
  7. St311ar

    What does permission error mean?

    It comes up sometimes when I am trying to read a post. Does that mean I was blocked from it or it has been deleted? I'm confused...
  8. St311ar

    How often do you raise prices?

    Hi ! I increased the clients I was charging $25/soak off+new gel overlay (I don't do fills) to $30 in January of this year. They had followed me 1.5 years ago from a salon that charged that price. At the salon I am at now my clients pay between $35-$45 for the same treatment. I just increased...
  9. St311ar

    Real Life Nightmares....

    What is the worst situation you have had to deal with while doing any kind of service on a client and what did you do to get through it/work it out?
  10. St311ar

    Where can I find Gigi's 'nailclass' book in US?

    Hi all, Once again I am looking for Gigi's Nail Class book. I live in California and have only seen it on UK sites:/ Does anyone know of an online retailer in the US?
  11. St311ar

    How often should I use my high frequency machine

    Hi~ Forgive me as this is more of a personal use question...I purchased a HFM last summer at a skin care show. I was wondering how often I should use it on myself? Is it safe for everyday use? I bought a personal hand held unit (no box.) I usually use it at a high level after my cleansing...
  12. St311ar

    No Show clients and late cancellations

    What do you do when someone "forgets" their appointment or cancels last minute?
  13. St311ar

    Shellac Alternative?

    What do you use as an alternative to shellac?
  14. St311ar

    Gigi's nail class book?

    Where and how do I get Gigi's nail class book?
  15. St311ar

    Adding oil to acetone

    I use bio sculpture gel and OPI Axxium as well as gelish and shellac. I always soak off each client and use the foil wrap method. Bio sculpture offers a soak off solution and when I looked at the ingredients it was acetone and fragrance yet they charge $55 for a gallon!!! So I use straight...
  16. St311ar

    Discount Salons

    How do you deal with the discount salons in your area? I am often frustrated at the fact that I train in a product line, i.e. OPI Axxium SOGP, Gelish, shellac and the discount salons just go buy the product with no training and provide a crappy service! I go undercover once in a while and the...