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  1. WAX inc

    Help. Liquid gold bond-a-weave

    Help desperate. Iv been using liquid gold for years with no problems but recently I think they changed the formula, it's runny and soon as the extensions get wet it falls out leaving the glue stuck in the hair, the dissolver doesn't work either and just turns it into a sticky mess...
  2. WAX inc

    They lost my details

    Hi, I did a 2 day course on express lashes with a well known company a couple of years ago but never went back to do my time trial as it was a 4 hour drive, I didn't realise I wasn't going to get my certificate unless I did the time trial at the time. I had a break from lash extensions due to a...
  3. WAX inc

    How much are sunbeds in your area?

    Salon opened near me charging half what all the other salons do. will they make any profit at £3-9 mins ?
  4. WAX inc

    Pink sculpting gel

    Hi, can any one recommend a pink soak off sculpting gel to extend the nail bed ? Thanks geeks :)
  5. WAX inc

    What's the best hair bonding glue

    Hi peeps, I'm using "salon pro" at the moment but every time I wash my hair some come loose, I'm avoiding conditioner except on the ends.
  6. WAX inc

    Duo lash glue

    Any one know where I can buy duo wholesale please ?
  7. WAX inc

    Caught male client peeing in a bottle in my salon

    Yes it's true, he peed in a bottle and left it in the paper basket in the sunbed room and we know it was pee because the bottle was hot. Although we have had much worse, pee directly into the bin. We now have open wicker bins so they can't hide there disgusting habits. It's happened at least 10...
  8. WAX inc

    Caught male client peeing in a bottle in my salon

  9. WAX inc

    Pregnancy skin, help

    My poor pregnant friend is in desperate need of advice for soothing her stretch marks, she is due in 3 weeks and her belly is very itchy. Any natural products she can use to sooth the itching without drying the skin ? Many thanks in advance
  10. WAX inc

    What do you clean your spray tan room with ?

    Any of u found a good way to get your spray tall room Walls clean ? It takes forever for me to wash the Walls . They look clean then in front if my eyes they look dirty again. Iv tried bleach, flash, soapy water. My Walls are White so not the best colour but I like it bright in there as it's...
  11. WAX inc

    Ultrasound lipo/cavitation

    I had my first out of 6 ultrasound fat reducing treatments yesterday. No visible reduction in cellulite or inch loss as yet. I did feel unusually thirsty just after the treatment and after an hour developed incredibly itchy hands which spread to the rest of my body last night. This can be a sign...
  12. WAX inc

    Closed on Monday's ?

    Hi, after a very hectic summer my tanning/ beauty salon is now in our quieter winter season. I'm short staffed and am exhausted so for the first time in 10 years im thinking about closing the whole salon on Monday's otherwise im doing 6 days a week . Beauty is already not available on Monday's...
  13. WAX inc

    Trainee terminated

    Iv just spent 2 months training a newly qualified NVQ3 beauty girl to my standards , Iv just terminated her employment as not only were her skills not improving they were no way good enough to be used on my clients. She was taking the Micky using my products on herself when I wasn't there and...
  14. WAX inc

    Greek qualifications

    Does any one know what qualifications u need to run a beauty salon in Greece ? Iv had my uk salon for ten years but want to open a salon in Corfu. my dad has lived there 20 years and he is geting old now so I'd like to join him over there. I don't want to give up my career but have no clue what...
  15. WAX inc

    Just for fun. What's in your handbag ?

    Just emptied mine and found spare plug, screw driver, 12 lipsticks, £90 in change, flapjack bar , 2 mobile phones and box of Paracetamol. All for emergencies of course lol. Tell me I'm not the only one who has a heavy bag.
  16. WAX inc

    Strange waxing reaction !

    One of my regular customers had her usual leg wax yesterday by my junior therapist. Client came back today to show me her leg, iv never seen anything like it before. A huge red patch on the back of her thigh, warm to the touch. Doesn't look like a burn, not scabby at all, not bruised, not...
  17. WAX inc

    HD brows- Henna dye brows ?

    Iv just been told by a salon doing HD brows that HD stands for henna dye, thats why it apparantly lasts longer than normal tint. is this true ?
  18. WAX inc

    Small salon without shower facilities

    hi Geeks. iv just taken on a new therapist and want to introduce facials, massage and body treatments but we dont have shower facilities as the salon is small. which treatments can be done successfully without a shower ? many thanks for any advice. x
  19. WAX inc

    Taking on a newly qualified NVQ Therapist

    Hi, I'm desperate for help at my salon and have a lady coming for an interview this weekend. I'm used to working alone and I'm worried all my hard work of building up my clients will go to pot if I let a newbie loose on them. What should I expect from a newly qualified lady ? Should I supervise...
  20. WAX inc

    Garra Rufa insurance ?

    :cry: Hi. does anyone know a company providing treatment risk and public liability insurance for the fish spa's. Salon gold who am with at the moment wont cover me and neither will beautyguild. nothing is coming up in google and even the spa sulppliers cant help me..??