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  1. Sarahbeautyx


    Hi girls, want to do a course to train people PTLLS can anyone help sending me in the right direction, best courses ? Thanks
  2. Sarahbeautyx

    Tanning machine

    Hi, Whats the best spray tanning machine on the market?? Sarah x
  3. Sarahbeautyx

    Volume/Russian Lashes, Essex

    Hi peeps, Im always looking to better myself and want to take the plunge into the world of VOLUME lashes, Lashes are my passion I just Love love love them, can anyone recommend any good trainers im based in Essex and i want to make sure I get the VERY best training :) hope someone can guide...
  4. Sarahbeautyx

    Lash Lift

    Hi peeps what products do you all use I've just done my training and looking to purchase the best products ? Thanks Sarah x
  5. Sarahbeautyx

    Waxing equipment

    Hi, Im looking to purchase the above was wondering what people use and best wax heaters etc? xx
  6. Sarahbeautyx

    Brow perfect eyebrow extensions

    Hi Girls, Has anyone done any training in this ? how are you finding it ? Sarah xx
  7. Sarahbeautyx


    Has anyone tried this ?
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  9. Sarahbeautyx

    Spray tan gun parts

    Does anyone know a good place to purchase pick up tube ?
  10. Sarahbeautyx

    Eyebrow extensions

    Hi peeps, What are your views on Brow Extensions just booked my course up with brow perfect??
  11. Sarahbeautyx

    Real fur mink lashes

    Hi wonder if any1 can help. Does any1 know where to get these lashes have been searching the net not many retailers out there, I recently got some of ebay and they was not great. xxx
  12. Sarahbeautyx

    Beverly Beaute?

    Has anyone ever ordered of this website and what are your reviews ?
  13. Sarahbeautyx

    Popular colours-Gelish?

    Hi peeps was wondering what your most popular colours are ? X
  14. Sarahbeautyx

    Gel nails, what do you use?

    Hi people this is my 1st post eeekkk. :) Got my gel polish course tomorrow wanted to know people's favourite brands and colours and where there maybe good deals for me to purchase the full kit ?? Thanks Sarah xxx