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    Removing stick on nails

    Hi everyone One of my clients cancelled her last appointment as she was ill. Not an excuse she was. She is booked in tomorrow and just called to say she had broken some nails so put stick on ones on and they will need removing before i shellac them tomorrow. How are these things removed? Im...
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    I picked up my Grand Master Certificate today

    Just had to share. I became a CND Grand Master on 12th November. Picked up my certificate today at the Manchester Academy Showcase Day Vicki x Dream Nails by Victoria
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    I picked up my Grand Master Certificate today

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    How to make this colour with Shellac?

    I have a client who loves the colour green 101 by mani q. Does any one know how to recreate this in shellac. It's just not quite a Tiffany blue has a tiny bit more green in it. Here is an idea of the colour. Thanks Vicki x
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    I passed my Master Architect

    Just had to share. Walking round with a silly grin on my face :) Vicki x
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    I Passed my Master Architect

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    Just spotted the first Christmas Tree

    I can't be the only one that things it is just a little too early :) Vicki x Dream Nails by Victoria
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    Shellac suddenly lifting

    Hi everyone I'm with a client and we have a dilemma as in her shellac from has last time has come off in one go. She has started using new hand cream and its all we can think of. I've attached a pic of the ingredients, Has anyone had any problems with anything listed? Thanks so much Vicki x
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    I passed my ITEC!

    Everyone I passed my ITEC! I'm so excited I got a Distinction Oh I'm in such a tiz. Got to go otherwise I'm going to be late for my first client :) Vicki x
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    My blog is being used online

    Hey everyone, I'm so excited I had to share. The Creative Academy Manchester have used my Blog on their website! I was also invited to write an article on my experience becoming a Nail Technician. Can't believe this has happened to little old me :) Vicki x...
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    My blog is being used online

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    Removing Young Nails Mani Q

    Hi everyone, I have a new client coming to me and she has Mani Q on. I don't use this so not sure on removal. Anyone have some advice? Thanks Vicki x
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    Glitter line with L&P French

    Im probably over thinking this. I have a lady who is having a classic pink & white french but would like a line of glitter between the P&W. At first I thought ok very thin line of L&P glitter after I've done the white but now in thinking am I making it too complicated. Will a line of glitter...
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    January edition of Scratch

    Hi everyone, Just wondering when the January edition is out, does anyone know? Thanks Vicki x
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    What cool/unusual pressies did we get?

    So what unusual or cool presents did you get. I've just got this its fantastic :) Vicki x
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    Animals doing treatments

    I think I've got a bit of competition coming up :). Does anyone else's animal friends take an interest ? Vicki x
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    Are your MSDS up to date?

    I'm having a bit of a productive morning just going through stock and paperwork. After checking through my MSDS file I was shocked that there were a couple missing (hubby's job is in H&S so smack on the wrist) With all these new exciting products that we have especially the shellac colours it...
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    Mixing Additives and acrylic paint

    Hi everyone Can this be done or has anyone tried it and what was the outcome? Thanks :) Vicki x
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    What is your last working day before Christmas?

    Well it's all in the title :) & I really don't know what to do as I'm getting Christmas bookings. Should I keep my book open or say no this is my cut off date and that's it? I have toyed around with having the last day mobile Saturday 22nd and if I get any desperate clients then they will...
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    Just wondering what this gel was

    I've just come back from a new client. Lovely lady and I knew before I took the booking she was not wearing Shellac as I always ask. I'm just wondering what it was out of curiosity that's all It was described as being in smaller bottlles than the colour shellac bottles. 2 layers of clear...