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    i am looking to decorate my sons bedroom..... anyone know of any sites where i can buy a boxing quilt cover ? i have been looking all over and cannot find anything thanks :confused:
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    gel over acrylic

    i have a client tomorrow who would like to have gel as previously she has had acrylics and still has them on ..... i only do gel .... do i have to remove all the acrylic or can i treat it as a rebalance but with gel, if that makes sense .....:confused:
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    I did it wrong !

    I have not done any nails for 2 whole weeks due to a holiday ...... I had a client last night lucky it was a friend ....... She wanted a gel overlay so i preped the nail ready applied my sticky layer and cured then i applied my white and cured and then thought i would experiment and put...
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    thought provoking thread - what's your USP?

    so geeks what is your U.S.P I have just been reading an artical by sassy which i have to say is fab ! so what is your unique selling point ? how do you grab your clients ? how do you advertise ? whats different about you to any other nail technician out there ? awaiting lots of...
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    hi can anyone tell me about depression ... my mum has been diagnosed with this condition and unfortunatly i know nothing about it or how to handle dealing with her ....
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    she used super glue

    omg i done a client 2 weeks ago and she came for her rebalance today OMG....... I looked at her nails and she has only gone and stuck 2 of them back on with super glue because she knocked them at work and didnt want to walk around nail less !!!!!! jesus i just hope no one thinks i had done...
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    body art

    hi can anyone help ? i would like to know if there is a company who can train you for temp body art tattoo's either henna or other ? if anyone has any details it would be most appreciated ..... i am in the midlands area xx
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    starting up

    when starting up a business what do i need to look for when employing another nail technician ? do i need to convert them to the products i use by sending them on a conversion course? doing a business plan at the mo and have thought that it would obviously be more profitable having 2...
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    rebalance clients

    after a set of nail enhancements i am more than happy and client is over the moon .... however i have been seeing a regular pattern with my clients (who have not me doing to much looking) when they come back for a rebalance their nails look awful and sometimes i am embarrased to...
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    great nails

    i have a lady coming this a.m she has great nails and wants the french look .. all her nails are of different length i assume these are all filed to match ! she only comes when she has a special occassion as she is not a lover of nail enhancements last time she came i did a french overlay which...
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    growing out damaged nails

    I have been reading a thread recently and wondered if anyone could tell me how long it does actually take to grow out damaged nails ? i too was always a guinepig for training purposes .... i have recently removed my enhancements ready for my nails to face it alone...! unfortunatly what i know...
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    scuffs !

    what causes a scuffed look in the nail ? i was practasing on my nail trainer today i done a really beautiful enhancement shape was good apex the best i have done a crisp smile line .... however it looked really cloudy and kind of scuffed ! i used rad pink lock in brush on white and clear...
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    tip removing

    is there a tip remover you can buy ? i am using nsi balance gels and called nsi today to see if there was a tip remover that you could buy ... they said they dont sell any. if you can buy it can it be used with all nail tips i use NSI range i know you should not have to remove a tip if it...
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    skin on my p.o.w.

    when i opened up my b.o.w this morning it had a thick layer of skin over the top of it like you get if you leave tea standing. its been at a set temp and not got to hot or cold ... why does this happen?
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    when i do a set of gels they always look great .... however after about a week they dont look so great ..... my smile line obviously moves with the nail growth but to me they look like i have not placed it properly....after a week this should surely not happen ? if i were to place the smile...
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    gel removals

    i am using nsi gel at present and love it I had a client the other day who had ripped her nail right through to the natural nail after jamming it in a car boot ! :eek::eek: i had to remove the extension as it was split all the way down and i could not file out the crack if you understand...
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    advice please

    hi to all wondering if anyone can advise me ? I have a regular client who has been having gel nails for some time (bar maid) she is quiet heavy handed and each time she has come for infills we discuss how she gets on with length etc ... we have reduced the length she has conciderably ...
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    toe ring suppliers

    not sure if this is the right forum to place this thread appologies if wrong can anyone reccomend a supplier for toe rings thankyou :hug:
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    damaged after artificial phhhhh

    Hi everyone i am quite new to nails ..... i am a confident nail tech and have learnt and read alot ..... i am still trying to learn about the different systems and why some people think one is stronger than the other etc etc .... The use of artificial nails is still baffling me ..... i am...
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    hi everyone can anyone advise me....... i would really like to know how to wax and obviously need to find a good training provider .... can anyone reccommend thanks to you all xx